Sai x FatKidOnFire - Mixtape #5.6

Sai x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #5.6

FatKidOnFire Stateside fam Jah-Killin and Dj Scooter repping the FatKidOnFire tee in both colourways at the Tribez Vibez music festival in Ohio at the end of August. You can’t quite see it in the shot, but Jacq is heavily pregnant and still managed to spin over the festival! Mad respect.

It’s been a while since Sai got behind the wheels of steel here at FKOF HQ. Almost three months in fact! Luckily, all is well in the world and so we’re proud to release another dutty Sai dubstep mix. Trust us when we say dutty – this mix is filthy…

Banned In Middle East Mini Mix by Sai WobbleSquad UK

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Track list:

  1. Mensah – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (remix)
  2. Stinkahbell – Duck Mix
  3. Mensah – 80 Pulse
  4. Skream – What You Looking At?
  5. Cookie Pubes – Ginger Pubes
  6. Ntrld – Satan

Here’s hoping your faces haven’t fallen off after listening to that 16 minute banger.

Peace, love and respect.