Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire - Mixtape #4.4

Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #4.4

[Super sick artwork by FatKidOnFire fam longboy]

Jah-Killin returns to FKOF HQ’s wheels of steel after a two month absence – perhaps due to the fact that she’s more than heavily pregnant with baby Zehn (who is due practically any day now)! Her latest mix is more of a jungle flavour than the usual dutty dubsteps but trust us when we say it’s an absolute audio treat. As you should know the deal by know, we’ll just say get this plugged into some solid speaker stack and turn it up to 11…

Some **Jungle/ DnB** : Old School meets a New Age.

Jungle zehn twenty ten by JAH-KILLIN


Track list:

  1. Klute – Chicks
  2. Future Bound – I Want You
  3. Creative Wax: Tango – Spellbound
  4. Deep Rooted – Illuminati
  5. Serum – Ultra Magnetic
  6. Dark Angel – See Through You
  7. Deep Kut – Cougar
  8. Serum – Selekta
  9. Back 2 Basics – For She
  10. Dark Angel – Bom Track
  11. Back 2 Basics – Think
  12. Speedonics – What We Die For
  13. Void Audio Experiements – Alien Abandon
  14. Deep Rooted – Unidentified
  15. Creative DNB – Mutant Jazz 1
  16. Dancing Drums – Lament

Hit up Jah-Killin on Twitter if you’ve got love for her latest mix. She and baby Zehn would love to hear from you!

Peace, love and respect. “Dedicated to Scott and baby Zehn – soon to be joining Planet Earth!”

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