30 minutes of Cyrus - A Bass Education

30 minutes of Cyrus

A Bass Education

Cyrus has been around since the early 2000s, part of the Croydon crowd who were instrumental in creating what has become today’s dubstep sound. With a (mostly vinyl) release catalogue stretching back to 2007 – and a few imprints to his name – Cyrus is a valuable addition to our efforts in bringing you an education in the sound we all know and love…


Back in 2005, Cyrus started a label called Random Trio Productions (RTP) that pushed the dark garage sound that evolved into dubstep. Throughout the catalogue of RTP, the evolution from two-step rhythms into the very familiar kick-snare pattern we all know is evident. Tracks like Indian Stomp show the early presence of ethnic or oriental percussion in dubstep, a sound which can also be found in Digital Mystikz’ classic Pathways (which surfaced on Big Apple Records at roughly the same time).

“I didn’t understand the depth of Cyrus tunes until I heard them on vinyl. That’s when I heard those really, really low frequencies and it all made sense.”

After Random Trio Productions, Cyrus started another imprint called Origin Audio with Tunnidge. While the label’s first release was a collaboration between its founders, it’s gone on to push artists such as Dark Tantrums, Commodo and Kromestar – an enviable release history if there ever was one!

In an interview he gave to Trackitdown in 2011, Cyrus explained how he was influenced by the likes of Wookie, Zed Bias, Artwork and in particular Benny Ill…

“For me, Cyrus productions are at the core and essence of dubstep because they marry all the aspects that I believe lay the foundation of the sound. There is the heritage of dark garage, both in the rhythmic swing and in the soundscapes. There is the dubby side, with more or less obvious flirts with traditional dub…”

For us, Cyrus’ music stands out for his melodic sub lines and subtle movement in the drums, blended with a range of atmospheric patterns creating the sub-driven meditation that we know and love. Later inclusions in his discography show more distorted bass stabs, of which Redrum is a nice example. Cyrus’ later releases (on the likes of DEEP MEDi) nod towards his dubby influences, as well as a move towards stripped back but experimental rhythms (The Calling is a perfect example). If you were to place Cyrus somewhere in the deep dubstep spectrum, you’d be good to propose the producer bridges the “gap” between the sounds of Skream, Distance and Digital Mystikz.

“At the heart, the tracks are bass driven with simple yet effective drums combined with Cyrus sensibility for clever samples and melodies. More than anything, Cyrus productions are spacious, and let each element breathe. They come fully alive on a proper system, one that’s able to handle all the frequencies. It’s no wonder Cyrus helped build the studios of some of the scenes most respected names.”

As we’ve highlighted previously, each 30 minutes of Bass education mix is, given its duration, by no means a definitive selection of the artist’s material. That’s part of the beauty of the set timeframe, but also thanks to the personal nature of each of these producers’ music. Each DJ creating the mix, and each fan listening to it, will want to hear different tunes included. You will always lose out in a half hour mix, but in our opinion these mixes should serve as an inspiration to revisit or re/discover the artist’s music yourself.

As we’ve said on Facebook, each mix focuses on the highlighted artist and, in a lesser extent, the DJ responsible for the mix. The mixes, and little write ups, will drop every two weeks until we run out of producers we think should be featured (which, by the current count, is some point late 2015). We will host every mix on both the FKOF SoundCloud and Mixcloud accounts – but for our American listeners you will unfortunately be unable to access on Mixcloud due to licensing issues. Our apologies.

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Track list:

  1. Cyrus – Indian Stomp [Tectonic, 2005]
  2. Cyrus – Red Rum [Random Trio Productions, 2007]
  3. Cyrus – Influence [Southside Dubstars, 2007]
  4. Cyrus – From The Shadows [Tectonic, 2007]
  5. Cyrus – Dark Future [Tectonic, 2007]
  6. Cyrus – Gutter [Tectonic, 2007]
  7. Cyrus – Whispers [Random Trio Productions, 2008]
  8. Cyrus – Silence [Random Trio Productions, 2008]
  9. Cyrus – Junk Yard [Tectonic, 2009]
  10. Cyrus – Coco Riddem [Southside Dubstars, 2009]
  11. Cyrus – Beat Wise [Random Trio Productions, 2010]
  12. Cyrus – Looking Back [Chestplate, 2011]
  13. Cyrus – Manhattan Blues [Deep Medi, 2011]
  14. Cyrus – Rupture [Chestplate, 2012]

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