30 minutes of Jakes - A Bass Education

30 minutes of Jakes

A Bass Education

It’d be near irresponsible to document the roots of the dubstep sound without tipping the proverbial cap to the “other side” of what you’ll normally find here on FatKidOnFire. It goes by many names – tearout, brostep, dubstep – but it has a ridiculously passionate following and, oddly given where it is these days, originates from the same place as what we’d call dubstep.

While our previous six Bass Education features have featured the deeper, more meditative dubstep sounds, the seventh instalment features a Bristol-based producer, MC, DJ and label owner with a global following…

30 minutes of Bass education #7

Having been introduced to jungle and hardcore by his older brother, Jermaine ‘Jakes’ Jacob started his musical career as an MC, hosting local shows before gaining a name for himself with the Ruffneck Ting/ Ledge crew. His DnB hosting days culminated in joining Pendulum as their tour vocalist.

If that kind of heritage isn’t enough, in a 2012 interview with the Fat Club, Jakes explains it was one of the members of Bristol’s Kosheen who gave him his first DAW when Mark (aka VisionZ) sold him a computer.

In our interview with him last year, Jakes attributes Mala as the producer who got him into dubstep:

“I was in the drum and bass room, but one time I came into the dubstep room and Mala was playing. That was it. Mala will forever be my favourite producer and DJ – because he is unique, it’s all about being unique.”

But it was fellow Bristolian Pinch suggested Jakes try his hand at hosting dubstep sets at the Subloaded/Dubloaded nights. That changed everything – and it wasn’t long before Jakes had come up with the idea for Hard Earned Never Caught Hustling in a car with Headhunter. H.E.N.C.H initially started as a club night for the harder, wobblier dubstep being made in Bristol at the time, making a fairly huge name for itself at (the now closed) Tube.

2007 saw the club night evolve into an imprint, with Papa ‘Ench dropping the 3kout and 2 Steps Back release…

Support from some of the biggest DJs and tastemakers in dubstep followed, with Annie Mac, Skream and Mary Anne Hobbs all playing H.E.N.C.H tunes. The label grew into one of the biggest, globally recognised, dubstep imprints – picking up both new and old artists and releasing what went on to become a number of classics.

With 62 releases in the back catalogue since its foundation, H.E.N.C.H is one of the most important labels to come out of Bristol (if not the UK) since the birth of dubstep. And with Jakes at the helm and a roster of some of the best producers, this doesn’t look likely to change.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but Jakes’ music – and contribution to the sound – cannot be ignored. His story is testament to having a goal, working hard and reaching the top. He’s done things his way, and achieved more in under a decade than many do in a lifetime. The recipe to his success?

“I’ll be pushing buttons and making weird sounds come out of speakers with the idea to bring it live.”

Another worthy part of dubstep’s history… 

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  1. Jakes – Help Yourself [Free]
  2. Jakes – Originate [Free]
  3. Jakes – Justice [Sin City Recordings, 2008]
  4. Jakes – Roar Dub [Free]
  5. Jakes – Rhythm [HENCH, 2010]
  6. Jakes – 2 Steps Back [HENCH, 2007]
  7. Jakes & Joker – 3K Lane 1999 [HENCH, 2011]
  8. Jakes – Doomsday Machina [Free]
  9. Jakes – Warface 2010 [HENCH, 2010]
  10. Jakes – Na Mate [Free]
  11. Jakes ft. Footsie – Certified [HENCH, 2013]
  12. Jakes – Disruptive [Free]
  13. Shiftee & Badman Shark – EKG Riddim (Jakes remix) [Slit Jockey Records, 2012]
  14. Jakes ft. Beezy – Nightmares [HENCH, 2013]

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Many thanks to Gore.Illa for putting the mix together
30 minutes of Bass education #8 will follow in two weeks – find the previous mixes here.