30 Minutes of L-Wiz - A Bass Education

30 Minutes of L-Wiz

A Bass Education

Our mission to teach the history of our dubstep genre would be incomplete without an attempt to explain how the latest 30 Minutes of Bass education artists helped create and future the Scandinavian scene.

30 minutes of Bass education #19

Claes Rosén and Ola Naslund became friends at an early age, attending the same school in Nynashamn, Sweden – a tiny place south of the country’s capital. During his school years, Ola discovered producing and was active as a DJ – busy with both making and DJing house. From the mid 90s to the early 00s, Ola’s musical tastes gradually evolved – shifting from house to speed garage, while friend and musical compatriot Claes drew early inspiration from the jazzy sounds of Bob Jones.

The combination of these two distinct musical tastes melded when the duo discovered dubstep. Together, with some of the other local dubstep enthusiasts, L-Wiz helped create a collective under which they organised dances in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Together with Trickykid, Gena and other enthusiasts, the group ran a radio station that pushed UK dance music – garage, 2step and what would become dubstep. The collective grew to become one of the defining groups in the Scandinavian scene: All Out Dubstep.

L-Wiz’s work has always leant towards the melodic side of the bass music spectrum, and as such (alongside the likes of Silkie & Quest) can be largely credited for the development of this side of the dubstep sound. Around the same time Caspa started his now legendary imprint, the Sub Soldier chose L-Wiz as the artists to debut Dub Police to the world. The Girlfriend EP featured 3 tracks that clearly illustrated what dubstep had been in the few years before 2006 when it released.

Both Egyptic and Habibi from the L-Wiz debut showcase ethnic influences blended with the bass heaviness – traits producers like Caspa (and even Loefah) were known for. The Scandinavian producers’ second release (Surreal from the Stength EP in particular) highlights what would become their signature sound: dubwise rhythms with a clear melodic presence. As far as responsibilities in the studio goes, Claes is the one in charge of making the beats, as he’s the one who does most of the work on the keys. Of this, Ola says:

“I’m more for ideas and overlooking the creation and keeping Claes on a tight leash so he’s doesn’t slip into that trance shit he makes on the side of L-Wiz hahaha!”

Throughout their years of activity, L-Wiz have released some hugely significant releases on a number of influential labels. Their dubstep journey started with a number of releases on the likes of Dub Police, Kapsize, Redvolume, Dub Thiefs – more recently on Dank ’N Dirty Dubz, Surfase Records and the All Out Dubstep label.

We need not mention their legendary track Girl From Codeine City – easily a soundtrack to a generation who grew up with FabricLive.37 as their introduction to the dubstep. And, more recently, tracks like Straitjacket highlight the duo’s continued ability to dominate the funkier side of the dubstep sound.

You may not know their entire discography – but it’s hard to argue the impact these two Swedish producers have had on our sound. We’re delighted to honour their efforts and hope for many more releases from L-Wiz in the future!

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Track list:

  1. L-Wiz – Amy Diamond [Dub Police, 2008]
  2. L-Wiz – Island [Not On Label, 2013]
  3. L-Wiz – Pirates [Bare Dubs Records, 2007]
  4. L-Wiz – Mary Jane [Dub Police, 2007]
  5. Rusko – Acton Dread (L-Wiz Stockholm Dread remix) [Dub Thiefs, 2008]
  6. L-Wiz – Cowboy Universal [Redvolume, 2007]
  7. L-Wiz – Must [Redvolume, 2007]
  8. L-Wiz – Mojito [Redvolume, 2009]
  9. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City [Dub Police, 2007]
  10. L-Wiz – Snowman [Surfase Records, 2013]
  11. L-Wiz – Centurion [Dub Police, 2007]
  12. L-Wiz – Straitjacket [Kapsize, 2011]
  13. L-Wiz – Rocks [All Out Dubstep, 2010]
  14. L-Wiz – Strength [Dub Police, 2006]
  15. L-Wiz – Egyptic [Dub Police, 2006]


Many thanks to Kalawanji for the mix
Big love to Dubbacle for his continuing efforts

30 minutes of Bass education #20 will follow in two weeks – find the previous mixes here.