30 minutes of Synkro - A Bass Education

30 minutes of Synkro

A Bass Education

With a broad palette of releases in the bass realm, it’s undeniable that Synkro deserves a place in our mix series.

Joe McBride is a musician in the truest sense of the word – but there is no denying that dubstep and the “essence of bass” has influenced him and the music he’s created.

30 minutes of Bass education #17

In a 2013 interview with Pulse, Synkro himself emphasises why it is best to place the producer in the ‘box’ of being a musician:

“My parents are pretty musical so they encouraged me to play instruments from an early age, I have played the drums for as long as I can remember. I was in a lot of bands growing up & got pretty tired of it early on so decided to dig deeper into electronic music & got completely carried away with it.”

The only notable consistency in Synkro’s music is an apparent dubwise philosophy towards his sound design. From the first few releases on Smokin’ Sessions to the more recent work on Exit Records and Apollo, Synkro’s passion to experiment with sound design and bass is clearly demonstrated. The producer explained that melody and natural sounds have been very important for him, growing up with very musical parents.

“I find it hard to make dark music”

Production-wise, Synkro chooses sampling over VSTs or synth sounds – which are, according to him, a bit harsher and rougher. His explanation for why many people would explain his music as electronic music with a soul is the fact that samples bring personality to the track. Synkro’s never been a producer to stick to a single tempo – none of his releases are the same, which seems partially thanks to the musician’s love for sampling. That and Synkro’s need to keep the production process as organic as possible.

Synkro has shown how the philosophy of dubstep and space in sound has revolutionised electronic music as we know it. His rich heritage, and broad back catalogue, underlines just how versatile dubstep – or the wider ‘bass music’ sound – can be.

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Track list:

  1. Dom HZ – Dub Discipline (Synkro remix) [Dubbed Out, 2009]
  2. Synkro – Fire [Smoking Sessions, 2009]
  3. Synkro – Balls [Smoking Sessions, 2008]
  4. Synkro – Connected [Z Audio, 2009]
  5. Synkro – Just Say [Box Clever, 2010]
  6. Synkro – Lost For Words [Smoking Sessions, 2009]
  7. DFRNT – Tripped (Synkro remix) [On the Edge, 2009]
  8. Synkro – Lost Love [On the Edge, 2009]
  9. Synkro – Dub Specialist [Smoking Sessions, 2009]
  10. Synkro – Illuminations [Apollo, 2013]
  11. Synkro – Just To See Her [Z Audio, 2009]
  12. Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals (Synkro remix) [Blu Mar Ten, 2014]
  13. Synkro – Progressions [Exit Records, 2012]


Big love to Dubbacle for his continuing efforts
Many thanks to FKOF resident DJ The Stepchild for the mix 

30 minutes of Bass education #18 will follow in a week – find the previous mixes here.