Ropper x FatKidOnFire - Mixtape #1.1

Ropper x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #1.1

Now as anyone who knows me personally will confirm, I like my dubstep. After leaving the country life behind me and embracing all that is entailed with life in London, this genre is the one audio experience that I have enjoyed the most. My usual hang out for all things bass-driven is Dark Side of London, hosted by Dropfellas Dubstep (two crazy Italians who always put on a good show!) so if you’re ever in town and at a loose end and fancy a good night out with a great crowd and even better DJs; either holla at me or hit the Dropfellas boys up and see who they’ve got on.

Getting back on track (apologies for the slight digression), I’d like to present the first of many mixes by my boy Ollie ‘Ropper’ Flint. He’s a budding dubstep producer and DJ from Cambridge, but I’ll let him explain a bit of his background…

I grew up in Stoke Newington, London, then moved to just outside Cambridge. I started making music at about 11, when I got hold of a guitar and started jamming to what ever I could think of. I could never read music back then, and still can’t to this day! I started making ‘Electronic’ music in 2006 when I got a copy of Logic Express, but this was just a past time as I didn’t really know how to control such a powerful system. As I grew up with Logic, my understanding of it became better and I started producing simple D&B tunes. As time went by I found myself getting more and more in to many different genres – from 1980’s Funk to UK Garage. But gradually as my view and understanding of music widened I discovered Dubstep, which became a drug to me! I started creating my own Dubstep mid 2009 with Logic Express, but as my style changed I decided to upgrade to Reason 4. This software gave me the tools I needed to create exactly what I wanted!
As time goes on, my knowledge as a producer is constantly growing, I am learning new things everyday, and meeting good people to guide me along the way!

This is my first Mix for the FatKidOnFire Blog, make sure you download and enjoy the good music!

So, this mix… It’s pretty heavy hitting, there are some big tunes in here! I am currently at home for Easter; the two and a half hour train journey usually drags on and on – but listening to this mix it flew by.

ROPPER-fatkidonfireMIX by Ropper

Track list:

  1. Man Like Me – London Town (Doorly’s Cockney Wideboy remix)
  2. The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me (Subscape dub)
  3. Bar 9 – Shaolin Style (Nero remix)
  4. 7 Keys – Curtains (Dubba Jonny remix)
  5. Giant – Swoosh
  6. 16 Bit – In The Death Car
  7. Stenchman – Dubnet
  8. The Widdler – Go Ask Alice
  9. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Joker remix)
  10. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
  11. La Roux – In For The Kill (Hostage remix)

You can also download the mixtape from Mediafire ->here<-

Hopefully this will be a bi-monthly audio treat for you all, holla at Ollie and let him know what you think of the first go! There are a few other mixtapes in the works (I’m hoping to start a music section here at FatKidOnFire, encompassing many genres) so please do remember to keep your eyes and ears open and check back every so often!

If you want that Dubstep tee, head over to the Mixing Records webpage and cop it here.

Peace, love and respect. With extra bass