Ropper x FatKidOnFire - Mixtape #1.3

Ropper x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #1.3

[awesome shot of the Dropfellas boys by Fabio Mojito]

You had the latest mix from Robin Dunne last night; tonight we turn the bass dial up a few notches and let loose with a bit of teh dutty dubsteps. Ollie Ropper has come through with the latest installment in his FatKidOnFire mixes bringing one of the heaviest track lists I’ve seen in a long time, incorporating some seriously big hitters! He says it’s

“hectic man! I was skanking whilst recording it!”

We’re pretty sure he’s right on this one… It’s hectic!

Now Ollie’s no midget, so not sure this is relevant to him getting his skank on – but if you’re unsure of how to dance to dubstep take a look at this, it’ll teach you everything you need to know

Anyway, let’s put you out of your bass-deprived misery. Allow me to present Ollie Ropper’s third FatKidOnFire mix!

Ropper-FatKidOnFire#3 by Ropper

Track list:

  1. Chase & Status ft. Dizzee Rascal – Heavy
  2. Hoax – Jericho
  3. Gemmy – Supligen
  4. Subscape – Bad Man
  5. Plan B – She Said (16Bit remix)
  6. Benny Page & Zero G – Panpipes
  7. She Is Danger – Hurt You (Subscape remix)
  8. Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire – Ghosts n Stuff (Nero remix)
  9. Way Out West – The Gift (Tek-One remix)

You can also download the mix from Ollie’s SoundCloud page. Give this badman a listen; if you’re feeling the beats give Ollie some props via his Twitter account! Make sure you stay locked on Ollie and his SoundCloud, he’s got a remix going for a special FatKidOnFire fam – more on that later.

Peave, love and respect. “Would you like any bass with that?”