Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire - Mixtape #4.1

Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #4.1

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the mercury’s finally getting its rise on. Hopefully that finally means summer is here. FatKidOnFire HQ is finally getting excited about life again – I’ve got two more exams until freedom and I went and visited my new flat yesterday. This summer promises to be one of the best yet!

Last week’s superb mix provided by the one and only Dj Scooter seemed to go down a treat and we’re continuing on this theme again this week. Except it’s not Scott who’s provided it. To celebrate the weather, the fast approaching summer and all that’s happening here at FatKidOnFire HQ we’re adding yet another member to the somewhat large FKOF music family….

At the early age of 15 Jacquelyn W. aka Jah-Killin began investigating the underground rave scene in the U.S. and quickly became an avid follower. I was particularly attracted to the hip-hop influence on jungle subculture as well as the mesmerizing beats coming from the fresh dupstep sound.

I started to participate in the local music scene with my brother, a local hip-hop sensation supported by our local radio statios, and started to experiment with producing music. I became a featured artist on many collaborations with collectives such as Digital Coalition and Dark Night in Eden.

This exposure allowed me to work with production crews including Family Productions, iNgog-Neato Productions and currently PUSH! Productions. PUSH! is a renown group of local individuals who are pushing the Columbus scene and are aiming high trying to reanimate and nourish the underground community…

Jah-killin—godsaver.. by JAH-KILLIN

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Track list:

  1. Lung – Afterlife
  2. Dj Hatcha/ Kromestar – 300
  3. Tech Itch – Stonebreaker
  4. Chestplate – Menace
  5. Dub Police – Explicit
  6. Phokus/ Mr. Boogie – The Infect
  7. ANS – New World

Opening with the brilliant Afterlife from Cardiff’s Lung this mix is yet another banger. Columbus are spoilt with these two superb Djs!

Scooter and Jah-Killin are providing FatKidOnFire mixes on alternate weeks so stay locked for Scooter’s next mix next week.

Catch Jacquelyn on Twitter and let her know if you’re feeling this dark 25 minute mix. I most certainly am – it’s been playing throughout the nights of this week. It’s big!

Peace, love and respect. “THAT DEEP, DARK & DIRRRTY DUBSHIT”


PS – it also turns out Jacquelyn is a bit of an artist. Check out this radness