Dj Scooter x FatKidOnFire - [Special] Mixtape #3.4

Dj Scooter x FatKidOnFire

[Special] Mixtape #3.4

Dj Scooter returns to the FatKidOnFire HQ Dj booth with a very special mix. As previously stated, Scooter and his partner in crime Jah-Killin are expecting a babby basshead come the end of November and Scott’s latest mix… I was going to try and describe it but not quite sure I can do it justice. Here’s what Scott had to say:

This is a mix I made for my lovely lady Jacquelyn W. (AKA Jah-Killin) who is carrying my baby boy Zehn Riley Hinton. Zehn, or Riley as he will be addressed, is expected to greet the world on 11/24/2010!!! This mix traverses multiple styles & exhibits exactly what I bring to the table as a Dj… However, this mix is also deeply rooted in portraying songs that I feel Jacquelyn would especially vibe to, as well as creating a smooth, seamless mix & mash-up of styles original & includes a track that i produced myself! …***(LISTEN FOR THIS MIX B/C I DROP MY TRACK AS A WAV FILE & MIX 2 RECORDS W/ IT WHILE TRANSFERRING B/T STYLES)***… There may be a few foul-ups along the way but I hope you all enjoy! & DOWNLOAD people!!! You never know it may grow on you!!!

SCOOTER- Zehn~Riley by dj_scooter

Track list:

  1. Diplo – Diplo Rhythm ft. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos
  2. Jazzsteppa – Investment Descision
  3. Jazzsteppa – Shamen ft. Borgore
  4. Black Sun Empire – The Invasion
  5. Dj Madd & Matt-U – Running Man
  6. Datsik & 12th Planet – Texx Mars [*(Datsik – Gecko)* this track is only chopped in briefly w/ Texx Mars
  7. 16Bit – Twice
  8. Scooter – Leave Me
  9. Jazzsteppa – Sweet Tooth
  10. Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (remix)
  11. Aaliyah – More Than A Woman
  12. Digital – Touch Me ‘94
  13. Eazy-E – Real Muthaphuckkin G’s
  14. Venetian Snares – Miss Balaton
  15. Akira Kiteshi – “Boom N Pow”
  16. Akira kiteshi – Ming The Merciless
  17. Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie’s remix)
  18. Neil landstrumm – Transmission with Si Begg
  19. Rukus & Roke – Glockrotten
  20. Late – Losing You

I’m not really sure there’s much else I can say to round this post off; other than of course CONGRATULATIONS to Scott and Jacquelyn!

Seeing as we’re doing a bit of celebrating here at FatKidOnFire HQ, I might as well throw in a few “Thank Yous” whilst I’m here. FatKidOnFire reached another large milestone at the start of the week – the site hit FIVE THOUSAND VIEWS and is almost at 3,000 unique visitors. I currently have 405 followers on Twitter and 349 fans on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who’s visited the site, re-tweeted stuff and followed my inane ramblings on Twitter and clicked “Like” on Facebook. Thank you!

Peace, love and respect. “Zehn~Riley”


PS – In case you (thankfully) missed the few hours of downtime we had at FKOF HQ this morning, please don’t be worried. The new servers (for the new site) have kicked in, hence having reverted to as this has caused problems with Tumblr integration and suchlike. The new .com site will be going live in the next few weeks so stay locked! Also, for all of you having trouble emailing me today the issues have now been sorted. The new email servers/ accounts are up and running!