BunZer0 – FKOFAC001 - Albion Collective x FatKidOnFire

BunZer0 – FKOFAC001

Albion Collective x FatKidOnFire

Since the sunsetting of the FatKidOnFire x MakeItGood series almost a year ago, we’ve been on the hunt for other potential blog-based partnerships. We’ve had Andy from OneFortyDeep host our collaborative Mix of the Week posts where we highlight some of the best mixes we find – and of course there’s been the FKOF Presents we’ve been doing ourselves.

So when we got talking to the guys from Albion Collective, a young Facebook-based (for now) bass music community who we’ve worked with on and off over the past few months, things seemed to start falling into place. Now, unlike MOTW where we feature external mixes, FKOFAC will see us work with producers and DJs from across the bass music spectrum to create mixes we host ourselves. But Ben and Spencer might be able explain the concept a bit better…

BunZer0 - image by P.K. Photography

“From the start, Ben and I have worked on a daily basis to find our listeners the very best in bass music mixes. We have now secured a partnership with an award winning website that holds that same goal. Since first contact with FKOF on our Elite Series feature we’ve grown quite a friendship and met unbelievable support from Wil and the team.

“After discussing the future, we decided to a brand new feature series. Our coalition will see AC continuing our hunt for new talent and outstanding mixtapes, alongside monthly exclusive recordings from some of the biggest names in underground music, hosted on FatKidOnFire.

“We feel this coalition is the start of something big. To us, it means we now have a responsibility to the thousands of FKOF’s followers; we can assure you we’ll doing our best to get you the music you deserve to hear.
“Our aim is to grow the series in to a desirable outlet for musicians, and (hopefully!) something of a household name for listeners.

“With our first mix from the legendary BunZero kicking the project off to a start, we think we’re on the right tracks…

“A big thanks to Wil and BunZero for everything.

“Ben and Spencer – Albion Collective”


Track list:

  1. El Mahdy Jr – No Future Ballad [dub]
  2. Gantz – Second Nature [forthcoming System]
  3. AxH – Destroy [Tempa]
  4. Taiko – Brando [forthcoming Uprise Audio]
  5. Mikael – Wada [dub]
  6. LAS – Tigersleep [dub]
  7. Mikael – Diver [dub]
  8. Distance – Untouchable [forthcoming Chestplate]
  9. Sleeper – Don’t Ask Me [dub]
  10. Sleeper – Structure 3 [forthcoming Osiris Music]
  11. Facta – 36th Chamber [dub]
  12. Etch – Falling Apart [dub]
  13. Epoch – October Dawn [dub]
  14. Clearlight – Fallen Soul [dub]
  15. BunZer0 – King Lion [dub]
  16. LAS – Malfunktions [forthcoming System]
  17. Gantz – Babel [dub]
  18. Congi and Fable – Smokers Dance [Chord Marauders]
  19. Geode – Jade VIP [forthcoming Deep Heads]
  20. Promise One ft. Sparkz – See We Roll [forthcoming OpenEarz Recordings]
  21. BunZer0 – Space Skank [dub]

Image by P.K. Photography
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