Mixtape #4.5 – Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire

Mixtape #4.5 – Jah-Killin x FatKidOnFire

[FKOF looking sharp – even when reflected!]

After tonight’s earlier hip-hop feature with our boy D$, we thought it’d be a good note to end with more love to our American fam. It’s been a fair while since Jah-Killin (15th November 2010 to be exact – so long that her last mix has gone!) last dropped a mix, but that’d probably be thanks to the youngest member of the FKOF Stateside, wee baby Zehn!

Luckily for Jacq and Scott, Zehn’s given his parents some time off and allowed them both time back on the wheels of steel. We had a mix from Dj Scooter last weekend and welcome Jah-Killin back with a new 45 minute bassface-inducing mix. It’s good to have you guys back!

Freeestyle reflection by JAH-KILLIN



  1. Unknown artist (white promo) – Jah Love
  2. Ed Solo/ Deekline – Blow Out
  3. Night Audio/ El-B – Dirty Flow
  4. Nuphlo – Skatterbrainz
  5. Genetix/ Persist – Trigger Happy
  6. Unknown artist (white promo) – 2 Dark
  7. Dub & Run – Over
  8. Truth – Stay
  9. Night Audio – How U Like Dat
  10. Truth – The Future
  11. Dub & Run – Maya

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Peace, love and respect.