OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #10

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Mix of the Week #10

Having managed nine consistent weeks with new dogs OneFortyDeep supplying the freshest mixes we’d been finding, the OFD x FatKidOnFire Mix of The Week series is back with Andy’s first instalment of the New Year.

If you’ve not yet voted, you’ll find OFD up for ‘Best Blog/ Website’ in the 2013/14 Dubstepforum Awards – an admirable fact given it took us two years to get a nomination and OFD have only been going a few months!

Watch out for MOTW #11 next week…

140D x FKOF

We’re back after the Christmas and New Year break with a deep dark and minimal selection from German DJ and producer Matieu.

His Mix of The Week features a fine selection of tracks from up-and-coming labels such as Annihilate Audio and Dubtribu Records, as well as some bigger hitters such as Chestplate and M.U.D. It also features a number of FKOF freebies and tracks from the man himself. There’s also inclusions from fellow German bassheads Ziplokk, Shu, Kurt Roc Skee and Love The Cook. Enjoy! 

Track list

  1. TMSV & Widowmaker – Persei [Box Clever]
  2. Slaven – Falling Through [M.U.D]
  3. Thelem  – False Imprint[Innamind]
  4. Ziplokk – Desert Thunder [Subotage Records]
  5. Love The Cook  – Back To School[Subotage Records]
  6. Dubtek ft. Droid Sector & Boot – The Trancening (Sook remix) [Paradise Lost Recordings]
  7. KurtRocSkee – The Cavemasta [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  8. Compa – Antact [Kokeshi]
  9. Matieu – Asgard [Dubtribu Records]
  10. Cyrus & Distance – Titan [Chestplate]
  11. Ill_K – Warrior [Paradise Lost Recordings]
  12. Love The Cook – Revelations [Subotage Records]
  13. Yin Yang – Deepspace [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  14. Kaiju – M16 [Osiris]
  15. Shu – Rook [FKOF Free]
  16. AxH – Beast [FKOF Free]
  17. Sleeper – Tidal [Artikal]
  18.  TMSV – Theory [Box Clever]
  19. Step-A-Side & Eese – Warpaint [Annihilate Audio]
  20. Sparxy & ID – Man on Fire [FKOF Free]
  21. AxH – Boulevard Stroll (N-Type remix) [Dubs Alive]
  22. Skeptix – Temple (Wheelton remix) [Free]
  23. Ziplokk – Towers Of Glas [Subotage Records]
  24. Matieu – Charon [Dubtribu Records]
  25. Love The Cook – The Dreamer [Free]


Peace, love and respect.