OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #2

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Mix of the Week #2

If you missed it last week, we’re collaborating with new dogs OneFortyDeep to champion some of the best mixes we hear. If you’re not already, you can follow the 140D guys on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloud. Be sure to check back next week for their next ‘Mix of the Week‘ here on FatKidOnFire!

140D x FKOF

This week’s pick comes from Remerge, a DJ from Denver, Colorado who, like many others, cut his teeth as a Jungle DJ back in the mid-late 90s before making the progression into dubstep and the deep, dark and minimal vibe. Active on the Denver bass scene as part of the Sub.Mission crew, Remerge is already a favourite of ours at OneFortyDeep and, like us, you should definitely keep an eye on him.

This is a well thought-out set and impeccably mixed, but I’ll let the music do the talking on this one, as the track list alone speaks for itself.


Track list:

  1. Perverse – Shaitan
  2. District – Proof
  3. Dubapes ft. The Paranox – Mercy
  4. Deafblind & Mesck – Distant Cry
  5. Kaiju ft. Flowdan – Hunter
  6. Sparxy – Tazer
  7. Arkwright – The Bank
  8. Occult & Pheral – Unseen
  9. Content – Spacial
  10. Conscious Haze – Dark Ages
  11. Enigma Dubz – Run Tings
  12. Vesicle – White Light
  13. Badklaat – Eville
  14. DCult – Human
  15. Formless – False Reality [FKOF Free Download]
  16. Dubapes – We are Monkeys
  17. Dubapes – Questions
  18. Perverse & Eleven8 – Cryosphere
  19. DJ Snipaz – Emerald Mist
  20. TZR – Mentalics
  21. DJ Madd ft. LX One – Program
  22. Occult – Sidious
  23. Warsa – Terminal 502
  24. Compa – Beginning
    >> Truth – Legion (Optimus Gryme remix)


Peace, love and respect.