OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #6

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Mix of the Week #6

We’re six weeks into our new collaboration with OneFortyDeep, where we champion some of the best mixes we hear. The 140D guys recently reached 200 fans on FB; check them out here. Andy and the team are also on Twitter and SoundCloud.

We’ll be publishing the seventh ‘Mix of the Week‘ next week here on FatKidOnFire!

140D x FKOF

It wouldn’t be unfair to say dubstep can be a something of a boys club, so it’s always good to see the bass bins getting a rattling from the fairer sex and Bionica, aka Bianca Rosales from Seattle, does just that in this mix.

It’s a formidable selection, featuring some of the best in deep dubstep with a balanced selection of minimal, vocal, melodic, tribal and harder sounds. And it goes out with an almighty bang.

By her own admission there’s a couple of minor slips, but they don’t detract from the whole in any way. To be honest, in these days of perfect sync and software mixing, it just feels a bit more human and real.


Track list:

  1. Soap Dodgers – Contact
  2. Kelly Dean – Columns
  3. SunChase & NickBee ft. Codebreaker & Sense – Tongue Lash
  4. Sparxy & ID – Man on Fire [FKOF Free Download]
  5. Seven – Demons
  6. Seanie T, Prince Alla & Max Pow – Great Stone (Truth remix)
  7. Juno Reactor – Tokyo Dub (Broken Note remix)
  8. Killawatt – Tantra
  9. Juss B – Anathema [FKOF Free Download]
  10. Gutcha – Blood Diamond  [FKOF Free Download]
  11. Genetix – Africa B.C.
  12. DubApes – Africa Calling (Sparxy remix)
  13. JSL – Fight Dub
  14. Ganja White Night – Jock Horror
  15. DubApes ft . The Paranox – Mercy
  16. Cloudeater – Hybrid Heart (Mesck remix) [FKOF Free Download]
  17. Kryptic Minds – To Feel
  18. Outbound – Purgatory
  19. Gridlok – American Dream (Mesck remix)
  20. Gutcha – Dark Visions
  21. Juss B – The Incas
  22. Seven – Walter White
  23. Genetix – Going In
  24. MarchMellow – Just Bounce for Me
  25. Krew & Disonata – A.F.O.
  26. Subscape – No Time to Chill
  27. LAXX & Soap Dodgers – High Roller
  28. Slynger – Perdition
  29. Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once (HULK remix)


Peace, love and respect.