OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #7

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Mix of the Week #7

We’re seven weeks into our new collaboration with OneFortyDeep, where we champion some of the best mixes we hear. The 140D guys recently reached 200 fans on FB; check them out here. Andy and the team are also on Twitter and SoundCloud.

We’ll be publishing the eighth ‘Mix of the Week‘ next week here on FatKidOnFire!

140D x FKOF

This week’s selection comes from Sequoia, a San Francisco-based DJ who has something of a knack with the smoother vibes. This mix is no exception, moving with ease between minimal tribalism, ambient jazzy vibes, and more progressive/future styles. Sequoia is an accomplished selector who manages to blend his preferred style of music seamlessly.

“Recorded Live {Serato, Technics, 1 Take}”

Track list:

  1. Advocate – Pillowfield
  2. Subreachers – Icecrack
  3. Subtle Mind – Gravitate
  4. The Illuminated – Nautic
  5. Prism & Valor – Biodigital Jazz
  6. Subreachers – Hanbo
  7. BunZero – Recovering
  8. Kromestar/Jay 5ive – Try Harder
  9. Quest – Dubfoot
  10. Subreachers – Fear
  11. Driod Sector – If I Ever
  12. Subreachers & 11 Hour – Immortal
  13. Subtle Mind – On Deck
  14. 3rdEye – Severance
  15. CJ Broad – Eventually
  16. Subreachers – 200g
  17. The Illuminated – Expect Us


Special thanks to Sequoia for featuring the entirety of our FKOFd002 in the mix, always brilliant to see the releases being supported!

Peace, love and respect.