OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #8

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Mix of the Week #8

We’re eight weeks into our new collaboration with OneFortyDeep, where we champion some of the best mixes we hear. Find the 140D guys on FBTwitter and SoundCloud.

We’ll be publishing the ninth ‘Mix of the Week‘ next week here on FatKidOnFire!

140D x FKOF

This week’s selection comes from Koncide. His ‘Vibe Switch Mix’ is so called because he’s blended between laid back ambient sounds and deep and dark dungeon sounds – and it’s a contrast that works well. Man cannot live on bread alone, and a good mix set offers a balance between light and dark, hard and soft. Koncide manages to do just that – in less than an hour he manages to create a musical journey with a start, middle and end – switching between tension with the darker vibes and then releasing it with the lighter touches.

There’s a creative freedom with a studio mix that allows you to sequence in a way you couldn’t for a dancefloor, and this is a great example of how to mix it up for the headphone or home listener.

“Been a while since my last mix. This one is a blend of different styles that I’ve been playing out a lot recently at gigs and on the radio etc. The ‘Vibe Switch’ refers to the change in intensity that occurs a few times throughout, going from full frontal-force dungeon to more vibey tunes.”

  1. Benton – Take Me Away [Free]
  2. Albert – Decease Of The Dull [Surfase Records]
  3. The Others – Bushido (Caspa remix) [Dub Police]
  4. Anex – Formlessness [Free]
  5. Geode – Variations On A Theme [Smoking Sessions]
  6. Geode & C Tivey – Ruh (original mix) [Smoking Sessions]
  7. Anex – Dreams Collide [dub]
  8. Reso – Half Life [Civil Music]
  9. Subreachers – Fear [FKOFd]
  10. Kaiju – M16 [Osiris Music]
  11. Thelem ft. T Man – Bring Me Down [Innamind]
  12. Sleeper – Ritual [Artikal Music]
  13. Jack Sparrow – Shoal – [Tectonic]
  14. Feonix – The Wait [M.U.D]
  15. Asylum – Bodyburn [Crunch Recordings]
  16. Koncide – Question [forthcoming Annihilate Audio]
  17. Truth ft. Yayne – Rain Dancer [Free]
  18. Oudjat & Khafu – Kintaro [forthcoming Annihilate Audio]
  19. Thelem – Tracker [Free]
  20. Koncide – Zu [dub]
  21. Commodo – Wish (original mix) [Deep Medi]
  22. Rowl – Cosmic Visions [Smoking Sessions]


Peace, love and respect.