Sounds of the Swedish Underground - FatKidOnFire Presents

Sounds of the Swedish Underground

FatKidOnFire Presents

As we say our goodbyes to 2013 here at FatKidOnFire, we’ll be publishing a number of retrospective posts on the site recapping the highs and lows of the last 12 months.

Our first is another exciting project, much like Rat’s ‘Around the World in 80 Riddims’, that I recently received in my inbox from Carl-Johan – TRPR of Sweden’s Dubstep Bastards outfit.

We’ve prided ourselves, in the past four years of our existence, in championing the best bass music sounds from across the world. So when Carl-Johan got in contact to say he was putting together a mix highlighting some of the best in what Sweden’s bass music producers have to offer, we all got pretty excited. Read on for Carl-Johan’s explanation, the mix itself and where you can grab the download over the next few weeks…

Sounds of the Swedish Underground


Having been asked to compile a short mix for a local radio show, I decided I wanted to showcase Swedish artists. As I dug deeper, I came to realise that there are a number of talented producers in my country, more than the few I already knew of. My ambition slowly changed and I decided the 15 minute mix I created would be a teaser for a longer, more elaborate highlight of the dubstep scene in Sweden at the close of the year.

The teaser was released in late November and was well received; in both Sweden and abroad. Many of those who gave feedback were impressed with the quality of the included tunes from the still relatively unknown artists (especially beyond our own borders), confirming the feeling I had. The sounds of the Swedish underground deserved an in-depth examination…

I am therefore happy and proud to now release this full mix (clocking in just over 45m in length) that includes tracks from no less than thirteen active Swedish producers of bass music.

This mix is strictly 140 and in a sense quite “traditional” dubstep (if there is such a thing), but many of the artists featured produce music in other tempos and styles. Obviously, the selection of tunes in the mix is heavily influenced by my own personal preference but I have tried to put this aside to showcase the variety of styles and sounds currently being produced in Sweden. This mix, if anything, acts as a clear indication that the dubstep sound is alive and healthy in our country. It is as alive and vibrant – perhaps more than ever before!

Seasons have passed, as has the production style and artists in the scene have evolved. But with sounds like the included tracks in the ‘Sounds of the Swedish Underground’ mix coming from a nation of roughly nine million, imagine what is being produced across the globe! Open your ears to your own backyard and support your local scene. Dubstep may be deeply rooted in the UK but today the sound is world wide.

I am a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due.

It is an honour to have this mix be featured exclusively on FatKidOnFire. We, the We Are All Bastards crew (responsible for the Dubstep Bastards night in Gothenburg and recently also Stockholm), have worked with FKOF on a number of occasions in the past and in my opinion, the collective is one of the most consistent and prominent in our scene today. I would like to thank Wil and the FKOF team for your support, not only with this mix but to our scene as a whole.

I would like to thank all the artists who have contributed to the mix. I hope you will all gain from this and I know some of you are already working together (which is awesome). Secondly, a big shout out to all the local heads on Gothenburg and Stockholm who come raving with us once a month. With you guys attending, Dubstep Bastards is not just another night, it is a family thing.

Dubstep Bastards by Alexander Tengner

Last but not least, I would like to credit someone who I believe has a big part in this mix coming together.

We had the pleasure of hosting parts of the Femtastic crew in Sweden this summer and one of the founders, Vanessa Marko aka NeyNey, asked me to play her some Swedish dubstep. “It should be girls or Swedish” she said. That struck a chord with me. Not only because I hate the fact there’s so few girls playing our nights (and in our scene in general), but also because I share her passion for supporting the local scene. I  glad she said that, some six months ago, because it opened my eyes, even if it took me a while to get something out there.

Finally, hats off and big up to everyone supporting their locals out there. Producers, promotors and fans, you are all equally important. Please have a listen, comment and if you like what you hear, there should be links to all artists in the track list. A few of the tracks are released or will be in the near future, please support the artists by buying their music.

/ Carl-Johan

‘Sounds of the Swedish Underground’
Track list:

  1. Phyle – Losing Control
  2. RxJ1s – Armageddon VIP
  3. Kloudmen – Opacus
  4. Tafuri – Dunkel
  5. Ohyra – Serpents
  6. Sordez – Sun Tribe
  7. Tr4sig – Keith Dub
  8. Rukkuz – Heavy Roller
  9. Tebekka – Papageno
  10. Adjazwhan – Formula
  11. Tr4sig – Scanners
  12. Eva808 – Untitled
  13. Owlboy – When They Came
  14. Specto – Gathering Clouds
  15. Kloudmen – Adrenaline VIP
  16. Eva808 – Shadow People
  17. RxJ1s – Dark Skies
  18. Tafuri – Vacuum [Forthcoming Bastards]
  19. Tafuri – Vacuum (Compa remix) [Forthcoming Bastards]
  20. Kloudmen – Hask
  21. Sordez – Purgatory
  22. RxJ1s – Full Effect
  23. Eva808 – Can’t Violate
  24. Sorcery – Mechaan
  25. Sordez – Remember
  26. Specto – Striatum

The ‘SOTSU’ mix will be available for download on Carl-Johan’s SoundCloud account and the Dubstep Bastards Facebook page in the coming weeks.
We’d like to thank Carl-Johan for the opportunity, his kind words and what he’s done for the Swedish dubstep scene. Thanks and love dude!
Dubstep Bastards are launching a little record label venture in 2014, you’ve got a sneak peak of the first release included in the mix. Watch out…


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