The Art of Selection - Trying something New

The Art of Selection

Trying something New

It’s not often we get pitched guest content here on FatKidOnFire – but when we do it occasionally demands attention. Such was the case after we recently received a message from occasional FKOF Artist Highlight DJ Dubjunk. He got in touch to say he’d put together a new mix, traversing a range of bass music genres – only this time he wanted to do things a bit differently.

So over to him. A word of warning, if you’re short of attention span or easily bored – this may not be the post for you…

Gristy - DMZ (FKOF recap)

The Gritsy stack – a perfect example of how best to enjoy bass music in a ‘live’ setting

First of all, I’d like to thank the entire FKOF crew with hitting all their milestones earlier this year. Shouts to Wil for his recognition of my mixing and selection, Olaf for the awesome reviews (which I read too little of) and all the creative people collaborating on the new record label. Big up!

I would like to try something new here.

In my opinion, we have nearly lost the essence of ‘real’ DJing. The essence of digging for hours and hours to find your tunes, selecting what you like the most (and what you think the crowd may enjoy) and spending hours to perfect your transitions so you don’t fuck up live. What my intention with the following is to give a (small) insight in my way of thinking when it comes to selection and mixing. The quest for musical knowledge never stops, and I would kindly invite you to think and listen critically to one of my most varied mixes.

My thought process is don’t stick too much to one genre. Look in every dark corner of the release catalogues for both classics and upcoming artists. My favourite way is to digitally ‘dig’ for tracks on Discogs. It provides you with all the relevant information you’d need and keeps you clicking for new artists, labels and more.

To conclude, all I’m trying to say is please don’t forget DJing itself is an art. Knowing your tracks, practice, checking out other DJ’s shows, podcasts, radio shows etc! And, in my opinion, we should all be nice, thoughtful and critical to one other when it comes to feedback, promotions or bookings.

Track list:
1. A/T/O/S – A Taste of Struggle [MEDI066]
Let’s start off with A/T/O/S’ release on Deep Medi: A Taste of Struggle. This album, released in March 2013, still gives me goosebumps. You can hear the high level of production on every track on this album – amazing work from Amos & TrueNoise, two young producers from Antwerp.

2. Young Echo – Nexus [RAMP055CD]
A big collaboration from Bristol, UK. Young Echo (Vessel, Jabu, Kahn, El Kid, Zhou and Ishan Sound) have an average age of 21. This tune fits perfect in the dark and ambient bass atmospheres in the intro of the mix; taken from their latest album release Nexus.

3. Thirteen – Tribal Tech (Dubbacle’s Hurt & Pain remix) [dub]
Now comes a dubplate from Thirteen and Dubbacle (both FKOF fam). Both artists are signing their first contracts as we speak, and it makes me proud that these tunes have come straight out of The Netherlands. Both of these guys are constantly checking out various new sounds. Big up!

4. LAS & Gantz – Firepusher [SYSTM004]
There’s not much more I need to say about LAS & Gantz than THAT BASS. These two producers shared the 1st and 3rd places in Best Upcoming Producer for the DSF Awards – well deserved!

“The dub is also when the engineer becomes the artist”

5. Jahyu – Chuno Kinte [TRIGRAM02]
Chuno Kinte, the dub tune after Firepusher is produced by JayHu, released in 2012 on Trigram. Do you recognize the flute sample?

6. Hyse – MDMA [dub]
Now another dub, by a hometown producer friend of mine, Hyse (Joost Egberink). This very young (but also epicly talented) guy makes the most abstract beats of all in my opinion. Also he is collaborating A LOT, nationally and internationally. Hopefully a signing with a big label isn’t far off!

7. Sleeper – Interference [OSMUK036EP]
8. TMSV – The Cosmonaut [ARTKL012]
After a small interlude part with Sleeper‘s new track Interference, TMSV steps up. No introduction needed for this Dutch basshead. He is rhythmic, abstract and sensitive but spot on with his productions. Make sure to cop his work on 12” for the best experience!

9. Addison Groove – Space Apples [50WEAPONSLP16]
After the first 20 minutes of low-end dubstep tunes, we now switch to a 120-130ish tempo by bringing in Addison Groove’s crazy 303 sounds. With last year’s album Presents James Grieve, he no longer defines his style by a single BPM while staying true to hardware production with every track.

10. Bambounou – Take It Out on Me (French Fries remix) [50WEAPONSRMX10]
The next track is a remix by French Fries, a young Paris-based duo who seem to run the Parisian club scene with their crazy 808’s and 909’s!

11. Joy Orbison & Boddika – More Maim [SUNKLOFAW]
A varying mix wouldn’t be the right without the presence of two of the biggest UK bass producers: Boddika & Joy Orbison. This fresh release on SunkLo Records is a bangin’ house tune rinsed by both the producers themselves and their peers for years. And it came out in March – it’s finally here!

12. Pinch & Mumdance – Turbo Mitzi [TEC076]
13. Mumdance & Logos – Legion [TEC075]
At 130BPM now, really pushing up the tempo with Pinch & Mumbance’s HUGE bass banger Turbo Mitzi. A recommendation from a good friend of mine. Out to HiJinkx – a young and talented UK producer!
After hearing Mumdance & Logos’ set on Rinse this February I got insanely inspired to mix their tunes. Legion gives me the insane creeps. I can imagine the subwoofers working overtime when these guys arrive at your party! Still around 130, the insane 4×4 kick of Legion bashes you in the face, tearing out the moisture from your eyes.

14. P.O.L. Styke, Vin Sol & Matrixxman – Angry Frogz [UTTU_037]
The next track gets me wild; a crazy collaboration of West Coast producers P.O.L. Styke, Vin Sol & Matrixxman. They have a perfect combination of toms, high pitches and of course that bassweight.

15. Doctor Jeep – Eccies [Trouble & Bass Recordings]
16. Logos ft. Mumdance – Wut It Do [LDN042]
17. Doctor Jeep – Dopamine [Trouble & Bass Recordings]
As you may have noticed, I put a big amen-breaky tracks in a row, and I used two of Doctor Jeep’s tracks with a Logos & Mumdance banger in the centre. Doctor Jeep from New York has played with artists like Swindle, DJ Rashad, Ikonika and many more. He’s destined for the top, trust me.

18. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP) [HTH012CD]
A huge Special Request VIP version of Tessela’s Hackney Parrot – the infamous club banger. I feel this remix is dedicated more to the true amen sound than the original…

“As we wheel and come again for the massive dem”

19. De Sluwe Vos – O.G. Anthem [ALB002]
Releasing the BPM-throttle for a bit here, but with nothing more than bass driven house from Utrecht’s finest De Sluwe Vos. I really enjoy his style of producing because we seem to think the same as a DJ. Mixing styles into a sound you haven’t heard before is what he does best. I quote from his Facebook:

“I always try to make music that is ready for the floor. Call it a blend of techno and house – but putting tags on music doesn’t bring me any satisfaction”

20. Ben Pearce – GBH [PURP009]
Next up is Ben Pearce’s GBH from the Lego EP. This talented Machester-based producer impresses me with his perfect combination of dark FX and several extremely layered basslines.

21. Trikk – Houx93 [TRUE1249]
As for the next house stomper, Trikk serves you his release Houx93 on Manchester’s ManMakeMusic label. With a growing fanbase this guy really is stepping up his game in the house scene and always delivers.

22. Housemeister – Music is Awesome (Cosmin TRG remix) [BNR058D]
When you say house or techno you can’t NOT include a Cosmin TRG track. This Berlin-based Romanian producer’s tracks are full of creativity inspired by the classic Chicago & Detroit scene, but with an emotional twist. I like this guy’s music because of his thinking. If you’re electronic music producer I would definitely recommend reading some of his interviews, straight up genius. And I quote:

“We all have our own little strategies, but for me it’s just about making it personal” 

23. Skeptical ft. Collette Warren – Desire [SOULR062]
We’ve reached the hour mark, where I slow down Cosmin’s track to the tempo of Desire; a release by Skeptical. This track blew my mind when I first heard it, such an amazing and beautiful intro with vocals from Collette Warren. But when it drops the sub-woofer is a madness! Well done Skeptical, well done.

24. Bredren – Bioshpere VIP [Prox036]
Staying in the neuro/liquid DnB vibes with last year’s release Biosphere VIP release from Bredren. Bredren is again a collaboration by Belgian producers Sebastien Albert, Dieter Geerinck & Adrien Van Dijk. You also might know them as the dubstep producers Requake. A perfect low end sound, what I describe as the rumbling belly of the Kraken! What an amazing piece of work.

25. LAS – Zaikadelic [BoxClever016]
Closing off the small DnB section in this mix with what is, in my opinion, one of the sickest releases of 2013. LAS killed it with his track Zaikadelic on BoxClever, daughter label of London-based BlackBox. A combination of rolling basslines, off-beat drums and zaikadelic samples!

26. Clap! Clap! – Kaluma [ACRE046]
This amazes me with the high tempo, usage of cymbals and rims and African riddims. This track is made by the Italian producer Clap! Clap! – not only he is a true artist by mastering one of the most difficult instruments (alto and baritone saxophone), but he gets his selection played by some of the biggest names in the scene.

27. Crystal Fighters – I Do this Everyday [ZKL003CD]
You might say this didn’t fit the mix, but it sure is a banging track! And they’re a great and diverse upcoming band, playing a lot of the big festivals this year.

28. Son of Kick – Playing the Villain (Machinedrum Remix) [MUTI086]
Being a huge fan of Machinedrum for years now, this is one of his most evil and twisted tracks yet. The immense build up and then the drop that makes me pull out my bassface and hop in the subwoofer and just lay there. Just let this track take its course, it’s fierce from start to end and it never hurts to let a track just play once in a while!

29. Chrissy Murder Bot – The Original [SHOOT001]
30. Traxman – She Take It All In Tha Face [Duckncover001]
Now, some serious Chicago footwork from Traxman. A part of the Tek-Life family from the beginning; he makes the most minimalistic but epic footwork in town and inspires the genre lovers every day!

31. DJ Rashad ft. Addison Groove – Acid Bit [HDBLP020]
The next track is the most recent example of that Chicago – Europe inspiration wave: Rashad & Addison Groove’s Acid Bit. With Rashad’s experience in high tempos and basslines and Addison’s highly skilled on the 303’s. Together, they’ve made some epic acid. Can you hear that sample creeping up in that intense bass line from Rashad? A talent that will be sorely missed.

32. Hesk & Paveun – If [RAW]
A mix should be closed gently but firmly…

33. Mr Carmack – Because I’m Happy (Angel) [Self-Released]
Mr. Carmack’s bootleg of the hit single Happy. You’ve got to watch out for these three guys! Mr Carmack, a young Norwegian producer, makes (in my eyes) the most difficult beats with so much variety you have to admit he’s a talent. And tell me; after that beat you can’t not be smiling!

Click to DOWNLOAD (211MB)


Peace, love and respect.