The FKOF 10K Mix - (Still) Celebrating A Milestone

The FKOF 10K Mix

(Still) Celebrating A Milestone

In case you missed it, we hit a monumental ten thousand (yes, 10,000!) followers on the FatKidOnFire SoundCloud last week.

Now, while we’ve already given away a four track FKOF 10k EP (which you’ll find here) to celebrate, Korrupt and I thought it might be a nice idea to put together a celebratory FKOF 10K mix as well…


But because we like to do things our own away, we didn’t want it to be just any old mix. We talked about it, chose the track list and then came up with this 67m beauty. Well, Korrupt mixed it and I checked it for quality control – safe to say it passed with flying colours 😉

This is FKOF through and through. Our sound, our vibe, our music. This isn’t just any mix – we’ve either given away via the FKOF SoundCloud or released through FKOFd each and every one of the 28 tracks in it. Which we think is pretty FKOFing awesome.


Track list:

  1. Percept – Blood Feud [FKOF Free Download]
  2. Compa – Bacteria [FKOF Free Download]
  3. Perverse – Gibberish [FKOF Free Download]
  4. Content ft. Beezy – Mind Warfare [FKOF Free Download]
  5. Deafblind & Mesck – Distant Cry [FKOF Free Download]
  6. Dubfreq – Next To Me [FKOFd001]
  7. Turner – Cella Hunter [FKOF Free Download]
  8. Gantz – Ethnics [FKOF Free Download]
  9. Killawatt – Narco [FKOF Free Download]
  10. Subreachers – Fear [FKOFd002]
  11. Mishva – Civilization (ILL_K remix) [FKOF Free Download]
  12. Konvex – Pangaea [FKOF Free Download]
  13. Format – Warpath [FKOF Free Download]
  14. Feonix – Nightlight [FKOF Free Download]
  15. Adele – Skyfall (Kaiju re-rub) [FKOF Free Download]
  16. Icicle x TMSV – Minimal Talk (The Illuminated mash-up) [FKOF Free Download]
  17. Gutcha – Kingston [FKOF Free Download]
  18. Demon – Cardiac Attack (DCult remix) [FKOF Free Download]
  19. Demon – Kombat [FKOF Free Download]
  20. Deafblind – Exposure [FKOF Free Download]
  21. SYZ – Esoteric [FKOF Free Download]
  22. Sparxy & ID – Man On Fire [FKOF Free Download]
  23. D-Operation Drop – Kabalah VIP [FKOF Free Download]
  24. Benton – Life [FKOF Free Download]
  25. Marger – Space (Quantum Soul remix) [FKOF Free Download]
  26. AxH – Big Blues System [FKOF Free Download]
  27. Nanobyte – Dema Talk Deep [FKOF Free Download]
  28. Author – Break Yourself [FKOF Free Download]

Thanks to the artists who’ve donated their music to be involved. Not to mention every artist who’s given us their music, their time, their energy and their support over our four short years.

Thanks to the FKOF crew, there’s too many of you to mention individually – but you know who you are. You’ll all pretty much members these days anyway! Special mentions to the FKOF residents, Justify, Chris and not forgetting my partner in crime Olaf. We did it gang!

Last but definitely not least; thanks to you guys, the followers, the listeners, the fans. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to the next milestone!

Peace, love and respect.