Exclusive Sneak Peeks (sort of)

Exclusive Sneak Peeks (sort of)

Remember FAT Kyds? We were dead keen on them last time they featured here on FatKidOnFire. As it happens, they’ve dropped a sneak peek of their first collection up on their blogspot.

FAT Kyds decided that it was only right and proper to share an exclusive close up with the very people who have been with us from the start. This should leave you all salivating to pick up the real thing.

Chris from FAT Kyds was kind enough to fire some exclusive shots our way, peep the first below and the rest (and another treat) after the jump…

“Robot Love” printed and on the rack (peep the design in the FKOF feature) – looking amazing!

Find out more after the jump

Each tee comes with its number embroidered so you know where you are in the run (gold signifies a 1-25 Connoisseur tee) and…

Is accompanied by a print of the design (if you’re lucky enough to own a Connoisseur tee) and a limited edition white Eco Bag along with a certificate of authenticity signed by Athier

How awesome is that? It’s most definitely the little things that make you stand out from the crowd. FAT Kyds have got the little things nailed! 

Now. That second exclusive…

I’ve been excited about this drop for literally ages. Again, like with FAT Kyds, it’s the little things that make the brands. Things like a history including designing for New Era or Star In The Hood or having a wax seal with your logo on it that accompanies every order. Some things are just too cutting edge to be sat on for long. Our good friend Tony, AKA Studio RUDO has just dropped his first three x thirty three (there’s a running theme there) tees – trust us when we say Studio RUDO will be blowing the UK streetwear scene wide open. 

Peep RUDO’s short bio below, hit up the Parts Unknown webstore to cop and stay locked for a Studio RUDO x FatKidOnFire exclusive feature in the coming days:

Taking inspiration from Mexico, the name roughly translates to villain or bad guy, but carries with it the flair, colours and vibrancy of Lucha Libre.
The mask, or hood (as its known) was originally conceived as a way to hide ones’ identity. This became the perfect way for someone working for a major fashion company to hide ?his identity, while moonlighting as a freelance designer.
However, after many years working within the apparel industry, it finally became apparent that to truly have ?creative control of his work, he would have to go solo. 
The name and logo stuck, and with this debut release, “RUDO Signature Line” was born.