Badman Business

Badman Business

It’s been a while since the last news update from FatKidOnFire HQ. It’s been over a week since the last feature (for which we’re sorry) but hopefully more will become clear the further you read on.

To start off, a bit of a treat from arguably one of the finest UK streetwear websites (who incidentally celebrates their first birthday today – happy birthday The Daily Street!). I’ve got big love for sneakers/ kicks/ trainers (whatever you want to call them); my fledgling collection currently sits at around 30 (boxed) and even more unboxed. Esteemed British footwear brand Pointer recently released a video tour of the creation of their shoes in their Portugal-based factory. The vid also features interviews with Pointer’s lead man Gareth Skewis and the factory owner. A great look behind the scenes of making a sweet shoe and an even sweeter company…

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FatKidOnFire was mainly started to showcase the hidden talent that we’ve got both in the UK and worldwide. It was (/ is) also a platform upon which I could document my life after the BioMed science degree and my attempts to switch career paths and find myself a job. The past month has been one of the best yet. I’m good with the words, but I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking!

First off, this joint opened up last week – within 5 minutes of my house. Mood Food Cafe is quite possibly one of the nicest (independent) cafes I’ve found in London. That’s a big claim to throw down, but if you’ve got a spare 15 minutes from Waterloo jump on the Overground and come to Penwith Road in Earlsfield and see for yourself. Visit Lucy and the rest of the team, drink some delicious Illy coffee, pop a croissant or two (or a sandwich or pasta if you’d prefer) and see what you think. You won’t be disappointed! 

It was whilst supping a double espresso in Mood Food that I took this next shot. These are the shortlisted entrants in the 2010 Guardian Student Media Awards and there’s my name second in under the Digital Journalist of the Year category. I entered this on a whim (big shout to Maz for sending it my way and persuading me to enter!) so to even be shortlisted in recognition for all my work with FatKidOnFire is honour enough. 651 students entered and I’m in the top 5 for my category! 

Then a few things happened. VitaminWater UK were kind enough to feature FKOF (out of the blue) on their blog love on Friday. I was blown away by their awesome little write up – really, really good to see that people are digging all the hard work that I’ve put in so far!

Now, I’d met a friend of a friend a while back at a family wedding who happens to run an advertising agency in Clerkenwell. He was looking for someone to handle the social media aspects for each of his campaigns and I was looking for a job doing pretty much that. Lets just say that we met on Friday and things are now looking pretty damn good job-wise! 

I’m also pleased to say that there are two new FKOF features and one or two mixtapes to drop tomorrow (run out of energy to post up tonight) and it seems FKOF2.0 is finally getting to the point of unveiling (so stoked on showing you guys)! We’ve also just lined up an unbelievable makeitgood x FKOF feature and have an equally amazing one to (hopefully) drop this week. And it comes with an exclusive minimix!

Basically, life is good. 

Peace, love and respect.