An actual Exclusive Sneak Peek

An actual Exclusive Sneak Peek

Remember Studio RUDO and the “RUDO Signature Line”? Well after only being around for a month, the creative genius is being touted as the UK’s answer to Benny Gold. That’s a pretty big comparison to make but we’re fully behind it – FatKidOnFire HQ reckons Studio RUDO is going to revolutionise the British streetwear scene.

If having the three designs (“More Than”, “Poison” and “Madman”) drop in the first month of being around, RUDO has just emailed me with this:

The fourth design from Studio RUDO’s Signature Line.

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Just one month after the release of RUDO Signature line, comes the first Halloween release, a drop that is to become an annual tradition for the brand.
Like ?clockwork, each year you can expect to see the darker side of RUDO.
Inspired by a certain 1970’s ?”Ultra Violent” cult movie, it comes in two variations, both set on a jet black basic tee.
* One in vibrant white plasticol print
* The other is white by day, and glow in the dark by night.

Both versions are extremely limited, with the glow in the dark version coming in at only 13 ?(unlucky for some).

Available Friday 1st October from the RUDO online store for £29.99 with free worldwide postage + the ‘BLK WAX’ Sealed envelope.

And yes, you read that right. Studio RUDO’s “Clockwork” comes in a hugely limited glow in the dark design. There are 13 of these in the world available to you, the lovely public. Stay locked on the RUDO webstore as these will be dropping tomorrow (01/10/10).

You have been warned…