Yet another FatKidOnFire exclusive…

Yet another FatKidOnFire exclusive…

Remember the Evol Heist gang? We featured them here at FatKidOnFire HQ at the end of September. Their previous collections have shifted like Jenson Button on speed and today sees the Evol Heist webstore getting a re-up with something a bit special. Midnight tonight (GMT) sees the drop of two new collections from M and JANDU. One of them is definitely bringing a Halloween vibe to Evol’s collections – something we really dig! We’ve got the exclusive drop (as always) for you guys, so click through and find out more…

[“The Stars” featuring Swarovski crystal and perspex]

[“The Stars” necklace and earrings]

[“The Stars” necklace part 2]

[The new “Touch of Evol” collection]

[The “Touch of Evol” ring, bracelet and mirrored skeleton hand!]

We’re loving the new Evol collections – the lookbook and (gorgeous) models top off what we reckon is a certified banger, building on the previous Evol collections. Don’t sleep on these new pieces! Keep track of Evol Heist through their websiteTumblr, and Facebook fanpage. Don’t forget to catch M on Twitter. Stay locked on the Evol Heist store tonight as the two new collections are sure to go fast!

Peace, love and respect.