2,000,000 Plays - Celebrating A Milestone

2,000,000 Plays

Celebrating A Milestone

FKOF 2M Free Downloads

It took over three years to reach our first million plays on the FatKidOnFire SoundCloud. Looking back, as the account’s following has grown (as you’d expect) we’ve seen a correlative growth in its engagement – but the last 18 months or so have been as near exponential as I’ve witnessed over FKOF’s near five year history.

Last Sunday, a mere eight months after reaching the first 1M plays marker, we reached our second million.

It may only be a number on a website and so, in the scale of things, may not mean very much – but it is pretty damn cool!

As it has become custom when reaching these milestones, the team put our heads together to discuss how best to celebrate. And because quite a lot of our growth here at FKOF seems to be thanks to our free downloads, we figured we’d call in a few of our producer friends and roll out a FKOF ‘2M free download‘ every day for seven days…

Tonight, I uploaded the seventh and final FKOF 2M free download. You’ll find them in the set on SoundCloud – a small token of our gratitude for your support over the last four and a half years. The next big milestone for FKOF is 5th birthday – and I can’t wait to reveal what we’ve got planned…

Peace, love and respect.