2014 Dubstepforum Awards - Best Website

2014 Dubstepforum Awards

Best Website

Earlier this week, the 67,000 registered members of dubstepforum.com voted FatKidOnFire the ‘Best Website’ in this year’s Dubstepforum Awards.

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This is the second year running we’ve won what I consider to be one of the most prestigious awards in our sound. Which is awesome!

We’d like to thank all the members who nominated and then voted for us, and everyone else who’s been supporting what we do over the years. We can’t do it without you! This has been the best start to the year any of the gang could’ve asked for. Thank you 🙂

We celebrated, as we did last year, with an upload (or two) on the FKOF SoundCloud…

You’ll be hearing a lot of the Valac boys in the coming months. Short term, we’ve got a FKOF feature to accompany their FKOF EP going live in the next few days. Watch out!

Peace, love and respect.