207 – The Sin EP - FKOF Review

207 – The Sin EP

FKOF Review

As far as the smaller/ younger dubstep labels go, Sparxy‘s Bacon Dubs has to be one of the most consistent and impressive imprints for releasing tunes from artists destined for big things. With a release history stretching back to 2011, it’s one of the few labels that has stood the test of time and a) not given up when things got tough b) got better with age.

The Bacon Dubs back catalogue reads like a who’s who of the most impressive upcoming dubstep talent. D-Operation Drop, the label founder himself, DubApes, Genetix, Deafblind, Format and Mesck. That’s a pretty impressive list! The next release to join the archive is from an exciting Croatian producer we’ve had our eye on for a while now – and 207’s Bacon Dubs debut does definitely not disappoint…

207 - The Sin EP (PORK015)

Active opens The Sin EP with the right dosage of insanity: a track that delivers both deep atmospherics and a full range of wild reeses – built to keep the listener’s teeth grinding until the very last moment. Drum patterns swerve towards a devastating second drop, which unleashes total destruction. The EP’s title track is a perfect example of how the original dungeon sound has progressed over the course of time, now manifesting as powerful yet updated half-step.

“With the second section of the EP, 207 shows how twisted rituals of sample implementation can fool the mind; making this a must-have track that reveals his innermost thoughts. Acylon, one of the most sought-after 207 tracks, creates an undeniable stampede, as it tests the outer limits of any given sound system. From heavy bit crushing to over-the top distortion, this might just be the track to identify the Croatian with. Zeiph, formerly Ohmtrix, shuts down the place with a killer remix that rightfully fits as the closing track of such immense EP.

“Every single millisecond of The Sin EP is filled with high quality growls that make you twist your neck for, giving off the signal that Bacon Dubs has more that just bacon in store for us in the near future…”
207’s The Sin EP drops with all digital retailers on 18/08/14.
You can check the other Bacon Dubs releases on Juno in the meantime.

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