Taking it down to 30Hz - 30Hz x FatKidOnFire

Taking it down to 30Hz

30Hz x FatKidOnFire

For most of you who know of Ben Donoghue, the first thing that springs to mind will be his widely known (and equally respected) visual documentation of the bass music scene and its nightlife. And if you’re unaware of Ben’s work, sort it out.

I didn’t actually realise, until seeing his set during GetDarker’s 8th birthday, how much of an accomplished DJ he is. Safe to say he is a man blessed with many talents! And, as it happens, he’s joining forces with two other accomplished selectors (shouts to Tetris Edd and Zook!) for a fortnightly show on one of the most respected internet radio stations there is.

Starting this weekend, Saturday 12/04/14, the trio will be playing a two hour show on Sub FM. Together they’ve formed an all-encompassing bass music outfit called 30Hz; but I’ll let them explain. They’ve put together a preview of what to expect on Saturday afternoon (which, having checked it earlier today, suggests the show’s going to become a diary regular for me)…

30HZ bossman Tetris in control at Playaz Recordings night @ Concorde 2

30HZ bossman Tetris Edd in control at Playaz Recordings night @ Concorde 2

“The UK underground scene is thriving, and while there are many nights dedicated to one type of genre, we feel there is simply too much good music being left out. 30Hz is focused on the one common denominator – and that’s bass. We all love it and so we go forth and attempt to remove the constraints of tempo and just enjoy good music.

“30Hz is a collective of DJs and producers driven by bass music. Playing a variety of styles from the forefront of the underground dance music scene, expect to hear and feel everything from classic UKG to the latest DnB.”

30Hz are also bringing bass music to Brighton on the 25th april in Brighton. The line up sees some local up and coming talent join the three founding members, but Ben tells me once things start picking up you can expect to see some of the bass music dons coming down to play… We’ll give them a few Sub FM shows (and a few Brighton events) to get established, but 30Hz are definitely looking like an outfit to be getting excited about!

Track list:

  1. Agent X – Decoy
  2. DJ EZ – Rockin
  3. Wen – Swingin’ (LDN remix)
  4. Commodo – Good Grief
  5. Benga & Skream – The Judgement
  6. Gorgon Sound – Find Jah Way
  7. Black Uhuru – Plastic Smile
  8. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking
  9. Turner – Cella Dub
  10. Turner ft. Ill Chill – Acid Trip
  11. Las & Gantz – Fire Pusher
  12. Sepia – Skyline [forthcoming ????]
  13. Quaro – Yojimbo
  14. Kaiju – Monster
  15. Joker – Head Top
  16. Content – Another Key Point
  17. N-type & Surge – Increments
  18. Congi & Fable – Smokers Dance
  19. Geode – Dassenach
  20. Seven & Joe Raygun – Live From the Future VIP
  21. Icicle – Arrows
  22. Jaydan – 1952
  23. Prestige – Monster Club
  24. The Puppetz – Free To Roll
  25. Klay – Dating Tape
  26. Pleasure – Right Time
  27. Aphrodite and Mickey Finn – Bad Ass
  28. Johhny Cash – Ring Of Fire


Peace, love and respect.