Well here goes…

Well here goes…

Allow me to introduce myself.

FatKidOnFire is me; Wil. I’m a final year biomedical sciences student in London (UK), with less than a month left of teaching. Then it’s exams and then I’ve graduated. A slow dawning realisation of horror that after three years of the Government lending me money to banter around and stock my wardrobe with cool designer labels I’m going to be jobless, penniless and even more at sea than I am now.

My dissertation is slowly resembling an essay worthy of the grade I’m hoping it’ll get, and as most of us will know writing an essay means copious amounts of time spent procrastinating and doing any and everything possible that doesn’t involve actually writing the damn thing. I’ve spent most of my BSc wondering what I’ll end up doing after it finishes, where I’ll go and what I’ll do with my time in the real world.

I am lost. This much is clear to me. Although the three years have in part stimulated me intellectually, I have my reservations about taking the knowledge gained any further; at least in the short term anyhow. I am obsessed with “urban” fashion (although the term “urban” has somewhat negative connotations these days), music, (push)bikes, art and anything new, original or, best of all, from the UK. Obviously completely at odds with what I’ve spent the last three years studying.

Ideally, in the perfect world that doesn’t exist anywhere but in my dreams, (upon graduating and getting my piece of paper that these past three years of my life are leading up to) I’ll earn lots (and lots) of money doing either something I love or something that basically involves people paying me to banter around. Or lavishing said cool designer labels on me and giving me other free cool stuff to promote their brands, their ideas, their hard work. Therein lies the irony. Give me free stuff, but off your back.

Well here comes the punchline.

This blog is partly to give something back to those people who work their backsides off getting their dreams off the ground, and partly for me to document where my life goes in these next few months. I’ve got interviews (if you can call having a chat with friends over food/ drinks interviews) lined up with some up and coming, seriously fresh, UK talent – providing them with a soapbox to shout from. I’ll hopefully have some other stuff as well. But more on that later.

The first interview, with one of the freshest brands to come out of London’s dark streets will drop sometime this week/end. Look out for it!

Peace, love and respect