A few musings…

A few musings…

I’ve a few things on my mind I’d like to get out.

Firstly, there was a comment on The Daily Street that I saw today under a post about a new release from the F2D boys:

Fail! Give up boys, shit brand. That “graff” text looks squat doggy dog shit, reminds me of some swag typeface already loaded into a computer.

Now I’m all for freedom of speech and expressing your own opinion, but this sort of thing should really be kept to yourself. The UK streetwear scene has more than enough to contend with without this kind of all out negativity. Fair enough this commenter doesn’t like the brand’s logo, but saying the brand is shit and should pack it all in? A little harsh if you ask me. We need to all pull together, get our scene up to strength so we can be a realistic player on a world stage as we’re more than capable of having those big hitting brands that other countries have. Supporting our homegrown talents is the only way they’ll continue to grow, release new pieces and be able compete with the bigger and more established international brands out there.

On a more positive note, how fresh does that F2D hooded varsity look?! Different to the previous RetroKid varsities the boys have released but with a good take on the idea – leather sleeves and hood with a woolen body for under £100! Bargain if you ask me.

The second point I wanted to raise has been a hot topic of conversation this week – fashion website ASOS branching out into the Street/ Skate scene. The general consensus with people I’ve talked to about it seems that it has its pros and cons. There does seem to be the thinking that the brands being stocked are selling out for a quick buck and to improve their exposure. I think it could also have a detrimental effect on sales for the clothing companies being stocked – if Topman stocked Mishka (God forbid) would we all be so keen on getting their latest pieces?! ASOS are stocking UK companies though (Money and Trainerspotter) so does this mean they’ll open their eyes and look below the radar to give the fresh independent brands a leg up if this venture works for them? I’d like to think so, but that’s probably a little hopeful/ naïve on my part.

It’s also worrying for the smaller independently run stockists here in the UK, if big players are now getting in on their turf will it compete with their revenue? There’s a lot still to be done for the UK brands, but I think it’s best if it’s done slowly, and from the ground up. This is more viable long term, instead of going for the easy, faster option (i.e. having ASOS stock your brand and have your clothing worn by people who like your designs but have no idea who you are or where you’ve come from). Part of the attraction to the streetwear world is the exclusivity and not wearing what every Topman clone has got on, if ASOS and other bigger fashion stockiest are to branch in to this area then streetwear will lose the one thing it’s got going for it – hard work with real passion for what you’re putting out

Peace, love and respect


Keep an eye on the blog in the next 10 days or so, got some serious people lined up to talk to!