A picture says 1000 words… Or something like that

A picture says 1000 words… Or something like that

Now, like my dubstep, I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to anything with two wheels. My latest obsession is fixed gear bikes and as it happens (funny how things like this turn out) one of the hottest streetwear brands in the business (in my humble opinion) has been putting out a fixed gear inspired line for the past eighteen months. Mishka’s D.A.R.T. (Death Adders Road and Track) is both a clothing line and a team of talented fixed gear riders (some of the biggest names in the scene). The latest collection is full of amazing pieces that look good both on and off the bike. Spy the lookbook for the D.A.R.T. S/S ‘10 collection here.

Anyway, to continue with the original post I wanted to share the one picture that particularly caught my eye and heart from the lookbook. The picture, shot by Andrew Temkin, features Jeremiah Jones of Hold Fast fame (don’t worry – I’m not expecting many people to know of most of these people/ brands!), his Brooklyn Element and a whole lot of magic. Something about this photo just clicked. It’s perfect…

Thanks to the way the feed is set up the pic is compressed way too small for my liking – so see the full, unadultered original shot here.

Peace, love and respect