Friday 16th April – Secret Wars (London vs. Cardiff) - [Recap]

Friday 16th April – Secret Wars (London vs. Cardiff)


Last Friday I journeyed back down to the big smoke after spending two lovely weeks in Scotland and Leeds with family. Luckily (as in luckily I didn’t have to do any work that night), the latest round of the Secret Wars had rolled into my area so I headed on up to Shoreditch’s Book Club with a crowd from The Daily Street and Villainous Visard’s Binz.

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Having rolled into the Book Club around half eight, we twiddled our thumbs and did a bit of networking til the battle eventually started around ten – luckily the unbelievable 2009 UK beatbox champion Reeps One was on hand, along with SessioNoisses, who were all on mad form keeping the pretty massive crowd entertained!

The London team, comprised of team captain Disco Teck, Tony Riff and Alfa shot off the mark after the count down to the start of the battle, with Teck’s Tom Jones-inspired “TJ” taking quick shape (complete with staples from his most recent facelift and a badge saying “I love sheep”). Alfa and Tony Riff’s designs quickly followed suit with the London wall quickly turning into an awesome piece with three distinct but all very tongue in cheek designs that took more than a few digs at the Welsh team! I didn’t check out the Cardiff wall until after the battle had been decided (more on that later) but both team’s level of skill was more than apparent throughout.

Disco Teck and his “TJ” piece

Tony Riff and his English gent

Alfa and his Welsh “boyos” (complete with sheep and daffodils)

So that’s the London effort. The Welsh team (unfortunately I have no idea who the three members of the Cardiff team were, anyone help with that?) decided to design their wall around Margaret Thatcher and the 1984/5 miners’ strikes. “Maggie’s farm” featured the old battle axe in a coal trolley, a seriously pissed off looking miner (with not very many teeth) and then a dark group of other miners (including a canary in its cage for checking against those pesky gas leaks down the shaft).

Reeps One dropped another seriously heavy freestyle (I haven’t got around to uploading any of the audio I recorded of him – so here’s a freestyle at the 2009 International Human Beatbox Convention) and then it was time for judging.

Using the noise-ometer to judge the crowds’ opinion, London pulled 117 and Cardiff surprisingly landed a 119. That put it at a point apiece… The two judges then awarded their respective points to Cardiff – giving Cardiff the win.

Cardiff are now top of their group, and with London losing the last two battles their place in the competition is starting to look rather uncertain!

The next next round takes place in Cardiff on May 30th. The Secret Wars team are organising a coach trip to the event from London so if you’re interested in going to shout your support, contact the Secret Wars Travel Club for more info. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the Secret Wars site for the latest news and pictures from the competition.