“Sew What” – Second Son x Nash Money Collab launch - [Recap]

“Sew What” – Second Son x Nash Money Collab launch


Friday 23rd April saw the Second Son family Megabus it up (well, west if you want to really pedantic) to Bristol’s superb streetwear emporium Donuts for the launch of the Nash Money collab tee and the Second Son S/S ‘10 collection. I took my camera along intent on documenting the experience for you lot to enjoy, but unfortunately as is often the case I got a little bit (possibly more than a little bit…) drunk so my photos don’t really do the event justice. You have to make the most of supporting the booze sponsors don’t you? (Big thanks to Havana Club for sorting us all out with plentiful supplies of rum).

Unfortunately, or not as it turned out, Mount Eyjafjallajåkull ruined our plans of launching the Nash tee, preventing the tees from flying in from the US. So we had a tee launch party, with no tees. Luckily, Kenneth aka Mergs saved the day by designing an awesome commemorative tee so we all had something to wear whilst celebrating the launch of the tee that wasn’t there.

Anyway, Rufus from Second Son (as always) had his trusty camera on hand to document the night as it unfolded. Head over to the Second Son blog to see what went down, and make sure you enjoy the hilarious (they might not be hilarious if you weren’t there, but they made me laugh) captions.

Maybe it’s an age thing. Our interns loved it. Their responsibilities include processing orders, packing boxes and throwing shapes in front of 300 ravers.

Our boy Wil is particularly fond of the latter.

I’ve got to say Noisses’ set was pretty epic. I felt I was back in the ‘Rave Days’. Or in that Richard Curtis sh!tpiece The Boat That Rocked but with dubstep and not rock. And cool kids not unt©s. Basically we were on a boat.

Yes, that is me in the middle picture! I was on that stage, pretty much in that position, for the four or five hours we were at Thekla. What a mess… “Animal that needed to be caged” was how I was described the next morning, fairly accurate summary of the night’s behaviour!

Big, big thanks to everyone who made it down to Donuts and to Thekla afters, including Suffocake and Synamatix from The Daily Street who drove up from London especially. If you didn’t make it to hear SessioNoisseS or Krafty Kuts’ sets shame on you – they killed it! Big shout out for Tom and Jamie (the Donuts boys) for letting me crash on their couch (it was an Ikea chair but you know what I mean) once we’d all crawled home at 6.30 Saturday morning. Shame I only got to enjoy it for 2 hours before getting up for the coach home…

See you at the next party!