Where I’m at…

Where I’m at…

I’m on my way to bed to prepare for my first 12 hour shift in the library as I made the mistake of looking at a calendar yesterday and realised it’s just over a week until my first exam. Scare tactics will hopefully do wonders for both my revision and my degree.

But I thought I’d better update you as to where I’m at with life, seeing as one of the reasons I started FatKidOnFire was to document my search for fulfillment and/ or a job after graduation.

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Before I bore you with my life, here’s a picture to break up all this rather dull text. The above picture is of Alex “Synamatix” of The Daily Street fame, me (with my favourite tipple in hand) and Mr. Ken K Chung – who also answers to Mergs (the artistic genius who designed the Volcanic Gash tee in under 24 hours) getting our game faces on before that messy journey to Thekla a few Fridays ago. A big thanks to Adam “Suffocake” for the picture.

Right. My life. As I said early, the ultimate fail that are my finals begin on the 12th May and will continue to try and ruin my life all the way to the 26th May. It is an unfortunate but frighteningly real truth that 3 years of my life have culminated in these 15 essays that I am required to write, but I feel I owe it to myself (and the Government for loaning me the moneys to enjoy myself) to work hard and do well. It is for this sad reason that I fear FatKidOnFire updates will be few and far between during the next three weeks – but I will do my utmost to put this wrong right after I put the last full stop on the last essay on the 26th.

After the exams are completed/ merked/ passed/ excelled etc; I am packing my life into binbags (I find boxes too much hassle) and moving far, far away from the joys of Old Kent Road to a lovely little flat a little further afield from Central. Here I will be able to devote much time to FatKidOnFire which, if all goes to plan in the next few weeks, will be a fully functional; lovingly hand-coded website complete with brand spanking new logos and lots of other coolness. More on that later!

As the more eagle-eyed readers will have already ascertained, I am also now frequenting the office space of one rather wonderful and most definitely brilliant streetwear brand; the one and only Second Son. I’m still not quite sure how or why I managed to weasel my way into an internship there, but they took a chance on yours truly and took me on. I’ve had to delay getting fully into the many roles (“processing orders, packing boxes and throwing shapes in front of 300 ravers” amongst other strenuous tasks) required of me thanks to the delights of exam preparation but come the end of university and all that goes with that kettle of fish I will be able to document that side of life to the significant extent (or not, we shall see) that it deserves.

I think it’s time for another picture… Forgive the repeated use, but I am still reeling from the (somewhat hazy) memories of this party!

So that’s all that’s going on my life for the next few, no doubt tumultuous, weeks. Hopefully you’ll all bear with me (I’ll do my best to keep you entertained, but at a bill approaching £25,000 uni does take precedence for now) and enjoy everything I have in store for you.

The latest member of the FatKidOnFire music family is dropping his first mix on you this week; Ollie Ropper’s next mixtape is also on its way sometime soon and I have one or two interviews lined up for your enjoyment.

For now, it’s unfortunately a tired ciao from me. I will leave you with the latest bombshell from one of the finest MCs the UK has ever spawned; a track in collaboration with the bass heavyweights Chase & Status that sees the superb Dizzee Rascal spitting flow we haven’t heard since his good old days of grime greatness.

Check it! -> Chase & Status ft. Dizzee Rascal – Heavy <- (a track so dirty you’ll want to shower repeatedly after it’s finished destroying your speakers). If its bassy delights tickle your fancy, please support the OGs and cop a copy when it’s released later this year.

Peace, love and respect,