Breaking News (but not really)

Breaking News (but not really)

To continue the slew (ok only one or two) of updates today, I thought I’d update you on where we’re at here at FatKidOnFire HQ. 

But first, a little treat. I tweeted about this yesterday, but for those who aren’t on Twitter or who missed it here’s the first video from Trent Renzor’s latest project. If you don’t know who he is (shame on you) find out more. You may not appreciate the music but you have to admit it’s a damn cool video!

There’s more…

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Another treat (I’m spoiling you now) in case you slept on this drop – FKOF fam F2D Clothing have just dropped their latest collection over on their webstore

It’s our new GOGGLE VISION SERIES. Featuring a track jacket and a matching tee,both available now online and in selected stores across the UK, Saudi Arabia and now in Australia. Soon to drop in the the USA! Things are progressing very very well with F2D!!!

The GV jacket is 100% polyester track top jacket with embroidered logos on chest and sleeve (full cut and sew), whilst the matching white has a GV logo screen print. 

You can cop the jacket for £40 and the tee for £20. Don’t sleep because there are only 50 available of each. 

Right. “Breaking News”.

I’ve done three of six exams, all of which have either gone rather well or not at all. I’ll find out when the results are released on 29th June. I’m not yet booked my tickets for graduation on 19th July just in case I feel like I’ve failed the last three (next Monday’s exam will be killer) but I should probably get on it. I don’t know if this is the norm for other Unis but I’m having for fork out £25 a ticket (!!!) so members of my family can come and see me collect my degree certificate, money on top of the ridiculous £45 or whatever it is to hire the bastard gown (which is orange I might add. ORANGE). I might just not go out of principle!

Anyway. More exciting/ relevant information. I saw the mock up for the FatKidOnFire logo yesterday (yes, you can all have some vinyl stickers for some viral advertising once it’s finalised) that is being designed and if you knew who’s designing it you wouldn’t be surprised at how sick it’s going to look – I am so psyched to show you it!

I’ve also just parted ways with a significant stack of paper to get the official FatKidOnFire website up and running. I think Tumblr is wonderful and is a great introduction to the world of running your own website but it most definitely has its limitations. I’ve had a few issues with layouts etc so am jumping in at the deep end and getting a real, proper, custom website. Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

I was also pointed in the direction of the 2010 Guadian/ NME Student Media Awards (particularly the Digital Journalist category) yesterday by a close friend (soon to be house-mate, can’t wait to move!) so of course I had a look. I saw that you didn’t really have to do much to apply and you could do it online. So I did… Lets see what happens! 

Peace, love and respect