Updating your FatKidOnFire newsfeed

Updating your FatKidOnFire newsfeed

Just a quick update to keep you all in the loop as to where FatKidOnFire is with everything.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ll have seen that I finally got around to setting up the FatKidOnFire fanpage! It would be awesome if you guys could “Like” the page and get your friends (and their friends) to do the same – I promise not to clog up your feed too much but it’s just another way of me posting updates to you. I’m glad I’ve finally got that out the way, have been meaning to get that off the ground for ages! I’ll be posting two or three of the old interviews and mixes up on there until we’re up to date and then will post new interviews/ mixes as and when they’re done. Fresh interviews should be dropping by the end of the week. Stay locked! (Sorry it’s taken so long).

Secondly, FatKidOnFire has finally got its first web banner/ advert thingy! I could think of no better site than the inspirational and amazing Deer Brains, run by the lovely Steph, Tom, Sophi and Sean, to host the first banner. It looks awesome and it’s on an even more awesome site. That’s a win/ win situation if you ask me!

Please visit Deer Brains and see the amazing site and the FatKidOnFire banner for yourself.

Peace, love and respect.