More FatKidOnFire news

More FatKidOnFire news

As a previous post explained things are slowly starting to take off here at FatKidOnFire HQ.

The FatKidOnFire Facebook fanpage is has been “Liked” by lots of lovely people (the current number of fans is around the 180 mark) and that number is slowly but surely increasing every day! I’ve been adding interviews to get the fanpage to the same stage as the main site which, for those of you who are fans, also means you get to enjoy old interviews a second time round.

It also seems the first FatKidOnFire web banner caught a few people’s eye – I’m pleased to announce that there are now two web banners gracing teh internets! The latest one is featured on the awesome Nerdswag run by my boy Luke. Like the first one, the FKOF banner looks dope and Luke’s creative media project is fantastic. What more could you want!

The banner above is a clickthrough to Nerdswag, so pay the site a visit and see what Luke is up to/ has planned in the future!

Peace, love and respect.


PS – anyone else seen The Creators Project? I’m loving the ideas behind the project! Props to Intel and Vice for this. Here’s one of FatKidOnFire’s favourite Dj/ Producer Diplo’s video