FatKidOnFire tees

FatKidOnFire tees

If you’re a fan of FatKidOnFire on Facebook, or if you follow FatKidOnFire on Twitter you’ll have read about the little “movement” that happened a while back. As it happens, I’d been thinking about printing tees for a while – (in my opinion) the logo designs are strong enough, it’s good advertising for the site and, as it turns out, people seem to like the idea! 

So if you’ve not seen the two designs, here goes… The first two FatKidOnFire tees; hand-pulled screen printed on organic cotton basics in black (12; 3 of S-XL) and in white (24; 6 of S-XL). I’ve not quite settled on prices yet but they won’t be more than £20 (including P&P).

There has already been strong interest in these so if you’re interested in these don’t sleep once they drop! Expect to see these, along with the latest sticker order (and maybe one or two other treats), sometime in the next month or so when the new FKOF website/ webstore goes live. Just in time for FatKidOnFire party #1!

Peace, love and respect.