FatKidOnFire tees have landed

FatKidOnFire tees have landed

My post-university financial situation is seemingly taking a turn for the worst (not helped by the fact that my landlord has decided to sell up rather than renew my rental contract) and there appear to be some previously unforeseen set up costs with getting FatKidOnFire off the ground. Luckily for you guys, this means I’ve decided to push things forward a few weeks…

The first run of FatKidOnFire tees have landed. As of today, they are good to go. These tees are printed on 100% organic cotton basics and hand-pulled screen printed in lovely inks by the very wonderful Christian over at Uno One in Bristol (who prints the tees for the likes of Bake Designs). 

The tees retail at £20 (including postage and packaging) for anyone in the UK and £25 to anywhere else in the world. At the moment, there are 23 white tees (6 x S, 6 x M, 5 x L and 6 x XL) and 14 black tees (3 x S, 6 x M, 2 x L and 3 x XL). To order email FatKidOnFire with what size and colour you’d like and I’ll get yours sent out to you! As these are going on sale before the webstore goes live, I think the easiest way to exchange monies is via Paypal but get in contact and we can discuss payment options. 

Peace, love and respect.