A few updates…

A few updates…

Remember Jilted Royalty? Jay Read’s clothing company have been marking serious moves on our independent clothing scene here in the UK. Having only been releasing his collection recently, the range already consists of 4 crews, six tees and a beanie. Jay’s now expanding the brand to cater for the ladies.

Jay told me:

I keep getting asked for girls stuff, so to tide em over ’till I start making women’s/ children’s clothing later this month/ early February I had the idea to tailor some dresses from men’s XL tees. The Readers logo is printed slightly lower so it sits perfectly under their tit line.

These dresses are available from the Jilted Royalty online store soon for £35 so stay locked.

Whilst we’re on the topic of catching up with previously featured brands here at FKOF, I saw this today and thought it’d be a worthy of a mention. Our mate Alan’s AnyForty brand have just released their first dabble in publishing.

Teeology‘ containts the design archive from AnyForty’s 2008-2010 ranges, with photoshoots and artwork from artists such as 123Klan, Melbs, Waste & Jam Factory. The book is limited to 100 copies (50 with a green cover and 50 with magenta) and costs £12.50 from the AnyForty store. Peep the printing process in the vid below and grab yourself a piece of this brand’s history!

I’d like to drop this next update on those iPhone owners amongst you. I’ve slept on this App for a while but after downloading it and trying it out I reckon anyone interested in British independent clothing and the stockists we have here in this country.

STRADD is the new indie shop search App for tracking down your local independent stores & boutiques. STRADD lists an edited selection of the finest independent stores, so you can track them down on your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, the chances are that you appreciate great design and prefer dealing with independent-minded companies, rather than dull design and large corporations. STRADD helps you locate key independent shops & boutiques with a design-edge near your location. If your local indie store isn’t featured on the App, you can even suggest a store. If STRADD sounds like your kind of app, hit the download here (it costs £1.79) or find the App and its info on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, our friends over at ICU Audio have launched their awesome new website. Find music from the likes of our good friend Demon and the extremely talented N-Dread.

If you have any thoughts on what any of these updates, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).