A pretty good year… - FatKidOnFire in 2012 [Recap #1]

A pretty good year…

FatKidOnFire in 2012 [Recap #1]

In keeping with (the beginnings of) tradition, I figured given we’re staring into the business end of 2013 and saying our goodbyes to 2012 it’s about time to start rounding off the past twelve months… 

[A taste of what’s to come in 2013?]

I’ll go through the most well received mixes (as I did last year) once we’re into 2013 – and I’ll get round to sorting the recap of the best streetwear features we’ve done this year too.

But to start, I thought it best to quickly cover how good this year has been…

The MakeItGood x FKOF series has rumbled on through highs and then higher highs still. Since the series started, we’ve featured 142 of the finest producers and DJs in bass music – and have somehow talked our way into getting 55 hours (and counting!) of mixes. A truly amazing feat I think you’ll agree!

We’ve also started featuring producers and DJs under the FKOF Artist Highlight and FKOF00 monikers –  which will be gathering momentum in 2013. Watch out!

The FKOF free downloads have truly taken off this year; with almost 100 (82 at the time of writing) tracks that come in at around 7.25 hours of amazing free music. And don’t you worry, there are many, many more to come next year!

We’ve welcomed a whole host of FKOF resident DJs; C Tee, Justify, M.A.K.Z., Deafblind, Ruffan and Reese Liar. The guys have contributed 17 hours of truly brilliant mixes this year – go listen if you’ve not already!

As well as resident DJs, we’ve also welcomed a team of truly brilliant contributors to the site and further afield.
Korrupt, who’s taken the FKOF free downloads by the horns and introduced many a new producer to the world (and me for that matter). Chris, who first appeared on these here pages as an interviewee back in his student days, now runs the streetwear side of the site and interviews every brand that features on FKOF.

The digital footprint of the FKOF “brand” continues to expand, catching me continually unawares.
The FKOF SoundCloud account recently hit 4,000 followers and an astounding 250,000 plays/ 100,000 downloads.
FKOF on Facebook hit 3,000 fans a few days ago, FKOF on Instagram is just over 500 followers and the FKOF Twitter account recently reached 1,800 followers.

It’s been a truly, truly brilliant year.
Thank you to each and every one of you – the producers and DJs who’ve contributed time and effort to take part in features, interviews and so on. The brands continually pushing the boundaries of independent streetwear (and everything else). The press agencies we’ve worked with. The fans and followers who interact with the content we create. And the team here at FKOF that’s slowly taking shape, ready to take next year by the balls.

FKOF resident and Deep Dark Dungeon Dubstep‘s M.A.K.Z. has kindly rounded off the FKOF grime sound for 2012 with a 26m Youngstar special…


Track list:

1. Youngstar – Shotta Riddim [DDJs Productions]
2. Youngstar – Opera [DDJs Productions]
3. Youngstar – Hammer [DDJs Productions]
4. Youngstar – Dungeon [DDJs Productions]
5. Youngstar – Bongo FX [DDJs Productions]
6. Youngstar – Warship [DDJs Productions]
7. Youngstar – Revival, Pt. 1 [DDJs Productions]
8. Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (Accapella) [XL Recordings]
9. Youngstar – Gatecrash Beat [DDJs Productions]
10. Youngstar – Salsa [DDJs Productions]
11. Youngstar – Formula 3 [DDJs Productions]
12. Youngstar – Formula VIP [DDJs Productions]
13. Youngstar – Bloodtype [DDJs Productions]
14. D Tone & Youngstar – Hypement [DDJs Productions]
15. Youngstar – Miami Bass [DDJs Productions]

And FKOF resident Justify ends what’s been a consistently brilliant year of mixes from him with the final instalment of the best dubstep tracks from 2012 (find part 1 here).


Track list:

1. V.I.V.E.K – Against The Tide [Deep Medi]
2. Biome – Charged [Black Box]
3. Soap Dodgers – Ill Minded [Tempa]
4. J:Kenzo – Invaderz [Tempa]
5. Kaiju – Silverfish [Osiris UK]
6. Proxima – Lie Detection [Tempa]
7. Truth – Haarp [Artikal]
8. District & Sleeper – Transitions [Chestplate]
9. Razor Rekta – Loko-Motiv [Chestplate]
10. Thelem – Saturn Colour [Osisris UK]
11. Biome & Demon – Symmetry [M.U.D]
12. Osiris Jay ft. Pinch – Zen [Texture]
13. Amit ft. Rani – Colour Blind [Metalheadz]
14. Catacombs & Knowledge – Old Town [M.U.D]
15. Soap Dodgers – Unbalanced [Wheel & Deal]
16. DJ Madd & TMSV -Difference (J:Kenzo remix) [Black Box]
17. Matty U – Uncontrolled [Black Box]
18. Jack Sparrow- Afraid Of Me [Deep Medi]
19. Biome – The Prayer [Deep Heads]
20. Biome & DCult – Inner Peace [M.U.D]

Here’s to 2013.

Peace, love and respect.