A quick update…

A quick update…

Just a quick one, as I really need to be packing my bag for holidays (airport taxi arrives in 90m!) – I’m away to Egypt for a week. Flying out this afternoon and flying back into the UK early on next Sunday.

[Weather’s going to be shocking]

It’s the first time in a good few years where I’ll be avoiding the internet/ computers in general, so to make up for the impending silence I’ve just whacked a load of new FKOF free downloads and a wicked little 140bpm jungle mix up on the SoundCloud account. Go see!

There’s lots and lots of new MakeItGood x FKOF features coming, many more Interview+Reviews from Korrupt and you never know – I might even announce the winner of FKOFCOMP once I’m back (if the FKOF Facebook page hits 2k whilst I’m gone).

So get listening, get reading and get entering (good luck to those of you have done or are going to) and I’ll be back in a week.

Peace, love and respect.