A quick update…

A quick update…

If you haven’t noticed, things have been a bit quiet here on FatKidOnFire – and on the Facebook and Twitter accounts. That’s mainly because last weekend I was looking at this

[There’s a slightly better version here if anyone wants it]

So hopefully you can understand the last thing I wanted to do was be plugged into a computer!

For the next few weeks(/ potentially a month or so), I’m between jobs. I left the startup I was working with last Friday and have a bit of freedom to start focusing on FKOF and the run up to FKOF2.0 – which, if what Carl‘s told me is anything to go by, is very nearly almost ready…

Oh, and Chris and I have been working on the long-rumoured iPad/ digital magazine idea. The first attempt didn’t quite work out in the end, but after discussing initial ideas with Chris, we’ve decided to get back on it.

We’re calling it Signalfire.

SGNLFR001 might not be as full blown as we’d first thought as we’ll be testing the waters to see if you guys are interested in it enough. If the demand’s there, we’ll iterate on our ideas and try get something built properly. Fingers crossed on that one – we’re both pretty excited…

Safe to say we’ve got quite a lot on the go at the moment!

If you missed the recent uploads on the SoundCloud, I uploaded the fourth and final  Progression EP from the Perverse boys last week. Find Vol. 1 here, Vol. 2 here and Vol. 3 here. We’ve all been super stoked by the reception the music’s had – so thanks for the support you’ve all been dishing out on the shares/ likes/ comments etc across the networks. Lots more where those came from (not necessarily just from Brett and Alex either).

If anyone wants to get in touch with me over the next few weeks, hit me up on Twitter (@FatKidOnFire) or drop me an email.

Peace, love and respect.