A quick update…

A quick update…

Some of you might not know this, but back in the day FatKidOnFire was my personal blog as well as being a place to discover new brands/ artists or other awesome bits and pieces that had caught my eye. I figured it was probably a good idea to drop a quick update what’s going on in the backend of FKOF if you will – given things have gone pretty quiet here on the FKOF.com site over the past few weeks…

[Not quite sure what relevance but not quite sure it really matters either – but I like it!]

If you’ve not noticed on any of the social accounts I frequent; I left my wonderful agency job almost a month ago and took the plunge with a tech startup* that recently caught my eye.

I’ve been thinking about going the entrepreneurial route for a while now but it took some time for find the right one – but given what I’ve been up to over the past two or three weeks it looks like I made the right choice.
Things are pretty manic (but in a good way) with b2b meetings, strategy sessions and everything else that goes with working at a 7-person strong company running global campaigns (more on that later); and combining the working day with a three hour commute across London every day means time is a bit tight for finding/ writing/ seeding new content for the site.

Which brings me to my first point:

If there’s anyone out there who fancies becoming a regular contributor to FatKidOnFire, a blog with a rapidly expanding social community that has global reach, I’d love to hear from you!
Either to source new features or mixes – or simply write fashion/ music/ news/ content in general.

My contact details are at the bottom of this post – but I’d suggest the easiest way to get my attention is Twitter or email.

Next up, some fun stuff.

  • There’s a new mobile-friendly (tablets and smartphones) FatKidOnFire website in the works – which will launch at the same time as an extremely exciting branding project that I’m working on at the moment. Branding, web design and development is a collaborative project with the amazing team over at Sweden’s Lundgren+Lindqvist! We’re working on deliverables and schedules at the moment but the new website/ brand etc will ready within the year. Trust me, it’ll be worth waiting for.
  • There’s also a FKOF magazine iPad app on its way. I’ve been thinking of ways to monetise FKOF and going down the digital publishing route is one avenue I’m quite intrigued to explore. So we’ll see how a free iPad app does.
  • Again, this is another collaborative project – this time with digital designer Rob over at Marry. If it comes together, the iPad app will appear sooner rather than later (i.e. in the next few months) and will be a free download from the App Store. But I’ll have more details once we’re a bit further down the line with it all.

I think the best conclusion to this (waffly, sorry) post is to sit tight. It might be a bit quiet here on FatKidOnFire for now; but there’s lots going on behind closed doors that’ll hopefully make it worth the wait. Hopefully!

My contact details:

Peace, love and respect.