A Week in Tech

A Week in Tech

For those of you who’ve been following FatKidOnFire for long enough, you’ll know that to pay rent and bills I work for a technology startup (I spent the last six or so weeks doing that website so go see).

Back in the day, and to an extent this still applies, FKOF was(/ is) a blog for me to share my thoughts/ passions etc – it just so happens that with a 3 hour commute every day and more MakeItGood x FKOF features than you can shake a stick at, there’s been a lack of those posts from me over the past few months.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, amongst other things, is start writing a bit more about tech. In my old job, that was one of my main roles – which was something I definitely enjoyed. So I asked around to see if any of the FKOF contributors were interested in doing the same. Turns out one of them was.

So here’s ‘A Week in Tech’; Joe‘s first recap of some interesting technological news for you guys…

Google+ Hangouts adds captioning

Google has made their Hangouts service more accessible this week, thanks to the new Hangout Captions app. The app provides a transcript for those hard of hearing, allowing them to participate in the conversation more easily. Currently, transcriptions are achieved through the integration of professional transcription service StreamText or on a “do it yourself” basis, although further services may become available further down the line. More info can be found on the Hangout Captions Google+ page.


It would seem the world still needs educating on the importance of online privacy, (un)fortunately a new Twitter account has decided to take an extreme approach in doing so… @NeedADebitCard makes a point of exposing the lackadaisical approach to online security of many, exposing all the public tweets and photos of people’s credit cards. More info on Forbes.


In similar news concerning privacy, a new site has come into the spotlight displaying all the public statuses of people badmouthing their bosses, being hungover, engaging in illegal drugs or handing out their new mobile number. Smart move guys! Started by 18-year-old British web designer Callum Haywood, WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com is labeled as experiment exposing the risks of oversharing. More over at Digital Trends.

Same Sex marriage icons on Facebook

Facebook have added new same-sex icons to more accurately describe marriage statuses on the network. The feature was first spotted following the wedding of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to his partner Sean Eldridge, when an icon of two grooms was added to Hughes’ Timeline. More over at Mashable.

Twitter drops LinkedIn partnership

Having worked together since 2009, the end of June saw Twitter finish their partnership with LinkedIn – preventing LinkedIn users from displaying Tweets on their profiles. More info on the LinkedIn blog.

Instagram adds comments and likes to web

Having just released the first update to the service since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has now redesigned its web presence allowing users to like and comment on photos without being in app. More over at The Next Web.

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Joe and I will be swapping content over the coming months – so keep your eyes on SG and the ‘tech’ tag here on FKOF.

Peace, love and respect.