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Adam Prescott – Technique

FKOF Review

“Liondub proudly presents the debut release from Reggae Roast badman Adam Prescott. The Technique vinyl release features 4 tracks of heavyweight reggae-infused dubstep pressure with a modern feel yet a classic, timeless sound. Expect deep, dubby passages inspired by Tubbys and Scientist combined with classic Japanese samplings, in-your-face, modern drum hits and gut-wrenching sub bass. This is one for the history books and will surely garner support from fans and supporters of the original dubstep pioneers…”

The latest Liondub International offering comes from Reggae Roast veteran Adam Prescott. With a string of high-calibre dub and dubstep-influenced releases under his belt, the producer is rapidly moving up the ranks and sits alongside some of the greats in soundsystem music, culture and revival.

Adam Prescott (photo by Alexander Tengner)

The Technique EP is Liondub’s 20th release and adds yet another dimension of contemporary infused reggae-dub to the label.

Prescott opens the record with the title track, Technique. A characteristic guitar chop sits neatly over an impeccably shaped and mixed-down kick and snare drum pattern with an ominous samurai-esque vocal – reminiscent of The Widdler, before a classic dubstep synth is brought in for good measure. The Eight Devils sits on a similar playing field in terms of its substantial dubstep roots.

Another highlight is undoubtedly A State of Mind. Prescott is able to engage willingly in genuine melodic sections and adds another aspect to the EP whilst maintaining a noticeably dub-influenced atmosphere. Pressure and Moving in the Shadows sit beside the first two tracks on the EP in terms of their predisposition to a strictly 140 layout; with both providing classic synth arrangements with precisely measured percussion.

Prescott takes the BPM down to 120 for the last track, Sentinel (a collaboration with Phasix) and delivers a more traditional dub-reggae soundsystem-orientated track – the sub is particularly ridiculous…

What’s impressive about this EP is the production values. In terms of classic reggae production, it certainly goes against the grain. But even considering the ubiquitous wave of tightly produced dub-influenced 140 that’s been hitting the shelves since the days of Sukh Knight and RSD (to name but a few), Prescott’s Technique EP still stands out. You can tell that the producer has been meticulous about the mixdowns on every tune. Match that with the ever-dependable mastering experts at Ten Eight Seven and you know the release is going to sound heavy (without even hearing it on a soundsystem).

Track list (vinyl/ digital):

  1. Adam Prescott – Technique
  2. Adam Prescott – The Eight Devils
  3. Adam Prescott – A State of Mind
  4. Adam Prescott – Pressure
  5. Adam Prescott – Moving in the Shadows (digital only)
  6. Adam Prescott ft. Phasix – Sentinel (digital only)

Image by Alexander Tengner
Words by FKOF contributor Silas

Adam Prescott’s Technique EP is available from Juno Records (out now) and Juno Download (15/04/14).

Adam Prescott
Liondub International

Peace, love and respect.