There’s always bass in the banana stand - Banana Stand Sound x FatKidOnFire

There’s always bass in the banana stand

Banana Stand Sound x FatKidOnFire

ADP - Horsemouth VIP / Oxóssi - Mr. Shelby (BS001)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our American brethren are responsible for some of the most exciting sounds in dubstep/ bass/ whatever the latest buzzword is at the moment. The constant stream of producers flying over to the United States for touring, playing their music at dances like Reconstrvct (NYC), Sub.Mission (Denver), MASS (Los Angeles) and LA’s newly established B-Side suggests the American scene is steadily getting in shape. Perhaps even more so than here in Europe (although that’s a conversation for another day).

And, with the rise in popularity of this type of music, we’re seeing a number of new labels appearing. And, today on our fifth birthday, we’re delighted to strengthen our relationship with our Stateside family by partnering with one such label – one we see with a very bright future ahead of it. Banana Stand Sound, established by a vinyl worshipper who goes by the alias Underslung (not to be confused with our friends at Underslung Audio), has raised quite a few eyebrows over the last couple of weeks.

Underslung’s coming out all guns blazing; announcing his San Diego-based imprint with a debut release that features two American producers who both thoroughly deserve a side each on the 12” catalogued as BS001.

BSS is a vinyl-only label that focuses solely on homing sound system music – and looks like it promises to be an imprint that will contribute to a stronger sense of community in America – highlighting USA sound system culture at its best. The A-side features ADP, a local producer from San Diego who’s released with the liked of Thought Render, Strong and Tough audio and MASS. His sound is one infused with the throbbing force of experimental sub-frequencies – and is one we look forward to hearing more of! On the flip producer Oxóssi, a true experimental bass scientist, plants his flag on the release. His take on production makes our hair stand up on end – a sound reminiscent of the focus on bass architecture back in the early Croydon days.

Both producers have brought their bananery bass fruits to the stand at just the right time – both the American and global bass music movement will enjoy this debut that ships in a few weeks’ time… To celebrate the BSS launch, we’ve teamed up with Underslung to give you guys the opportunity to support Banana Stand Sound and its artists. We’re hosting a remix competition to give one lucky producer the chance to win a one of one acetate dubplate of their winning remix with the original production on the flip. The winning remixer will also get the chance to release a FKOF Free Download through our SoundCloud account, including an ever-present FKOF review and well as some extra love and attention…

And, if that’s not enough, we’ve teamed up with Underslung and the BSS crew to give one lucky FKOF fan the opportunity to win a BS001 test press. Enter here. Good luck!

The FKOF Review of BS001:

“The A-side of Banana Stand’s debut 12” – Horsemouth VIP – is a solid a stepper that holds an aggressive stance, dispersing its energy through escalating growls and an ever-morphing swirl of ARP-programming. This cut bounces like a boxer ready to swing, smashing systems with the low end patterns and a comfortably static snare that cuts on two sides. The metallic FX-processing adds to the strange vibe around this VIP – it’s an excellent first track to spin out at loud and powerful volumes!

“Oxóssi’s flip is entitled Mr. Shelby; a percussive stepper that focuses solely on meditative bass action. Although the intro’s percussion almost sounds offbeat, every single element is placed in a careful and hypnotising manner – keeping listeners in state of constant awakening. The tone’s set by the presence of God-like horns and estranged Eastern samples, creating a trance-like state that colours this cut. The dubbed out elements combined with the low, throbbing sub-frequencies make Mr. Shelby an easily rewindable banger. We look forward to hearing more from these two!”

Download the Grow stems here
Submit your remix (320mp3 or WAV) via email here
Submissions are open for the next calendar month. Competition closes 14/04/15

Judges’ decision (split between BSS and FKOF crews) are final. Good luck to everyone who enters!

The FKOF Review of Oxóssi & ADP’s Grow [FKOF Free Download]:

“Grow is a highly energetic stepper – one that manages to temper the energy with the raw power of the immovable weight of the sub. A mesmerising flute sits at the top of mix, chased by a moody midrange that constantly reappears in different shapes and volumes. The unique percussion stands out in this track, with some of the elements really tingling the ears. The second drop produces multiple outbursts of free-spirited basslines, creating something truly special. We think Oxóssi and ADP have truly outdone this collaborative effort. It contains signature effect processing from both parties: from ADP’s metallic voices to  Oxóssi’s spaced out percussive elements. They all combine to suggest this is one of 2015’s biggest FKOF Free Downloads…

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Banana Stand Sound

Peace love and respect.