Motherland - Alpha Steppa x Kiangana x FatKidOnFire


Alpha Steppa x Kiangana x FatKidOnFire

Every so often, we get our hands on a tune that’s a bit too special to try put too many words to. This FKOF free download appeared in our laps a few months back, and we’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to unleash it. That opportunity rolled around when we reached 10,000 fans on Facebook(!) a month or so back but, as is often the way, things got hectic. So without further ado, here’s a little thank you from us to you (and Alpha Steppa, Kiangana and our very good friends at Steppas Records)…

Alpha Steppa ft. Kiangana - Motherland (Alpha Steppa's FKOF dub mix) [FKOF Free Download]

Click to DOWNLOAD (320, 8MB)
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The FKOF review:
With the original, Alpha Steppa had created a truly magical dubwise experience. This dub mix steps steadily towards unity, with Kiangana’s beautiful vocals illuminating the rooted vibrations that float freely inside the psychoactive stereo image. Everything inside sounds miraculously peaceful and spacious – this jam resembles a pure journey through the original dub sound. From the irie bass weight, the immense reverberation and delay times to excellent filter work, all is glued together effortlessly for our little FKOF exclusive – enjoy this amazing free download from the one and only Alpha Steppa. Jah live!

You can buy the original Motherland here
Shouts to Steppas Records each and every!

Alpha Steppa
Steppas Records

Peace, love and respect.