Alpha Steppa – TRIGRAM03 - FKOF Review

Alpha Steppa – TRIGRAM03

FKOF Review

Like the rise in popularity of the dubstep genre (and its many subgenre children), there seems to be a bit of a trend for producing, signing and releasing other strains of soundsystem music.

Alpha Steppa

It’s definitely not something we ever complain about, given what we do here at FatKidOnFire, but it’s always nice to sit back and see the originators’ grow in stature with the newer upcomers.

Steppas Records are a small hands-on record label and dub-shop, specialising in conscious soundsystem music with a deep roots foundation. We stock only the highest grade limited edition vinyl, clothing, test-presses, dubplates, CDs and downloads from a handful of leading independent bass music labels.”

Alpha Steppas’ Steppas Records (and the newer Trigram imprint) are a prime example of this. Depending on your awareness of them, they’ve been working away doing their thing for ages – but have thankfully slowly been coming forward into the limelight. Both of Ben Alpha’s imprints under the Steppas banner are widely praised for consistently releasing quality soundsystem music. No mean feat if you ask us!

“Taoists believe that there are two opposing yet complementary forces in the natural world: yin and yang. Many natural dualities such as male and female, light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire and life and death are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin- yang concept. This ancient Eastern paradigm parallels the concept in modern physics of positive and negative forces creating the proton, the electron and the neutron. The Eight Trigrams of Steppas Records* derive their inspiration from the ancient Book of Changes (The I-Ching), which states that the forces of yin and yang create the eight primordial features of the universe represented by the Eight Trigrams. Each Trigram is depicted as a symbol comprised of three lines, a straight line symbolises yang and a broken line symbolises yin. These eight symbols are representations of all naturally occurring processes, they represent movement and change. The Eight Trigrams of Steppas Records are an interpretation of the ever changing, myriad sounds of the universe: forward thinking bass music with a deep roots foundation.”

*Each Trigram will feature 3 tracks, 2 tracks from each Trigram will surface as limited edition 10″ vinyl. There will be 8 Trigrams ONLY. For more information please contact: [email protected]

Ben recently got in touch to see if we’d be interested in a partnership for the latest 10″ and digital release on Trigram. Now three into its eight release, the label has hosted music from J-Path (August 2013) and Adam Prescott ft. JahYu (January 2014) – with Ben’s first full release out next month. TRIGRAM03 is a two track 10″ and three track digital release…

Alpha Steppa - TRIGRAM03

The A side, Fire Key, features Ras Dago and is everything you’d expect from Alpha Steppa. Eastern influences, killer percussion, dread vibes and enough sub to put even the best soundsystem to the test.
The B side, Shaka Satori, is an altogether different beast. It opens with an almost haunting stringed instrument, before the kick drops and prepares you for the impending undulating bass line.

As Mixmag have said, Alpha Steppa’s music truly does “put the dub in dubstep”. And if you’ve not come across his music before, Ben’s Trigram release will definitely make you sit up and take note! We’ve joined forces to bring you the chance to win the final test press of the upcoming TRIGRAM03 release; you can find all the comp info on Facebook here.

Alpha Steppa

Grab the track list and download for Ben’s Tricast01 here
We’ve not yet got a firm release date for TRIGRAM03 but we’ll shout when we do.

Peace, love and respect.