An Update on Chew - The DJs' live streaming community

An Update on Chew

The DJs' live streaming community

Looking back on the last twelve months, it’s hard to believe how much we’ve achieved with Chew.

tl;dr We’d like you to join the family. Invest in Chew today!

This time last year, early December 2014, Ben and I were a month into time on the Ignite accelerator in Newcastle — and a whole month away from launching the platform.

Fast forward to now. Things have changed.

We launched Chew – the DJs’ live streaming community – on January 5th.

Today, eleven months later, we have nearly 18,000 DJs, record labels, radio stations, music producers, music fans and more in our community.

We’ve had press in some of the greatest publications out there — DJ Mag, The Guardian, TechCrunch and more.

And, while we’re a full-time team of three based in London, the wider Chew family is a global one. We have users in over 130 countries, and our audience is in over 190.

So far this year, we’ve broadcast from Barcelona rooftops with DJ Mag, helped launch albums with Universal Music TV, partied with big-name DJs and Data Transmission and partnered with educational facilities like SSR to work with the freshest DJ and production talent coming up. We’re also working with DJs from the world-­famous BBC Radio 1Xtra and record labels like RAM Records.

Our users and audience are what makes the Chew platform. Put simply, without our community, Chew wouldn’t be what it is today. Like us, our users live and breath DJing, music and the wider culture that brings so many people together all over the world.

We’ve made great progress with Chew over the last year, but we’re just getting started. And we’d like your help – the community – going forward.

That’s why today we’re announcing our users and audience around the world can buy shares in the business.

Invest in Chew on Seedrs today

We’d love you to support what we’re building. By investing directly into the business, you’ll be helping us achieve our efforts to build the world’s first open live streaming platform for DJs, musicians and music fans. Our crowdfunding investors get the same rights as our current Angel investors (pre-emption rights, tax relief for UK investors and so on), but are able to back the business with anything from £10.

While investing in early stage companies has an inherent risk, and takes a considerable amount of time to see a return (if, in fact, you do), we’d like to think Chew’s investment track record speaks for itself. Since our time on Ignite, we’ve raised £141,000 of investment and the business’ share price has tripled in value (since this time last year).

So if you’re a Chew user or you’ve watched Shows our users have created, or if you’re a DJ, producer or music fan, we’d love your support.

Please join the Chew crew and back us today!

Thanks to everyone supporting!
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Swoop, by Nanobyte
Promo video filmed at Warner Yard, IDEALondon & The Magic Roundabout.